The Untapped Wonderland

January 9, 2012

That’s what we now refer to Industrial Southeast Portland as. I had a photo date with my partner in face-stuffing this weekend and, even though after I threw my camera bag into her car we just sat on my street trying to figure out what to do for 5 minutes, we ended up having a most marvelous time.

First, we lunched at Montage, a place that’s becoming near and dear to my heart with each visit. Lots of photo geekery ensued, as you can imagine.

Afterwards we meandered towards the Eastbank Esplanade and walked off our biscuit sandwiches. As we scooted down the Burnside Bridge we overheard skateboarders below and had to check it out. I felt like the biggest loser there — especially when we were so stuck in our viewfinders that we were startled by the clank! of skateboards hitting the concrete inches from our faces.

Still, the vibe was awesome and the light was awesome-er. Even though we knew we were being total photo dorks everywhere we went, no one went out of their way to remind us.

le bistro Montage Brunch: Allyson pours cream in her coffee - Portland lifestyle

Portland le bistro Montage Brunch: Biscuit sandwich - Portland lifestyle

Portland Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer

Southeast Portland: Hawthorne Bridge - Portland Lifestyle

Portland Eastbank Esplanade - Portland lifestyle

Portland Burnside Bridge - Portland lifestyle

Burnside Skate Park - PDX Portland lifestyle

Portland Skate Park - Portland lifestyle

What a good day. Thanks, Allyson!


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How could you make interesting even a trash bin or a pizza box?!

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hello! i love your photographs, they’re always great. i wanted to ask where you got the ring on your right hand? it’s so awesome!

Thank you Eunice! The ring in these photos was custom made by Allyson’s sister. She has an Etsy shop where she sells porcelain necklaces ( — I don’t know if she still works with metal, but maybe she could do a custom job for you? Worth checking out!

I LOVE the one with the centred skateboarder. These sorts of walkabouts are so much fun. The last time I did it, Kimmie and I ended up in an abandoned warehouse and got some amazing shots in a venue I’d never brave on my own.

(sorry I’m trying to catch up with the internetz here!)

Oh yes! Abandoned buildings definitely require at least one brave companion. I’m a big scaredy cat so I never really got to enjoy that niche of photography. (Clearly I’m playing catch up, too. :)

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I absolutely love the square picture with the fork in mid-air. Amazing soft light.


Haha, photo dorks of the world unite!! I know I’m still trying to get over the embarrassment of whipping my camera out in public, but it always ends up being worth it :)

KIM i am feeling badly that i didn’t bring my digi to get a dozen or so pictures of YOU!
i had such a great day, and when i get my film back I will be sure to share some shots from the day!!!
love love love lvoeha lv oveaho;hvao;tghaboao;werghawoh~!~!~!!!

This makes me want to come back really, really badly. But on the other hand—I already wanted to come back really badly.

Really like that milkpot (and the captured milk pouring) in frame 2 & 3. And the nice shoes trio. And the last pic in the mirror and everything else.

It seems, to me, that many bloggers are afraid of posting many photos at once nowadays. Maybe afraid of being classified as spammers, or maybe they don manage to shoot up a volume with consistent quality. What do you think?


That’s an interesting observation! I definitely used to worry about bombarding readers with a bunch of photos, but now I shoot so much that I have to lump things together or else I’ll get backed up. And other times, like the day these shots were taken, I just think, “How could I possibly choose just ONE photo to sum this day up?!”

Even though I use this as an outlet to share my professional work, it’s still my personal blog so I think, What the heck! I’ll share what I want, people can read it or not! :)

Loving all that yummy winter light and texture! Especially the close-up of the skateboarder’s feet. Looks like an awesome day!

I try to pretend that when I bring my camera into restaurants and such that people are thinking, “Ooh, how confident he is, I would feel so silly if I did that.” Since that’s how I feel when I do it.

The photos are awesome, I really like the one aimed up at the bridge with the blue sky in the back.

Hah! I know what you mean. I used to feel that way, too. But something only feels weird when you don’t do it, so the only way to make it not feel weird is to just DO IT. Y’know what I mean? Whipping my camera out in a restaurant doesn’t feel nearly as awkward today as it did a couple years ago. Having friends there to egg you on doesn’t hurt, either. :)