There’s this idea of the “Hero Shot.” The one photo that embodies an entire shoot and best shows off what a photographer can do. To me, that idea doesn’t translate in the wedding world. The trophy I take home at the end of a long day isn’t ever one single shot, it’s an entire series of moments that culminate into a retelling of the best day of two peoples’ lives. You can’t tell that story with a single shot of two people staring straight into a camera. You can see it in their eyes, a little glimmer, but it’s just a peek.
So this portfolio might be a bit different than you’re used to seeing. There’s still a lot of the images you’d expect to find — the ones you might even be looking for — but you won’t find any decorations or macro ring shots, and it’s light on the standard portrait. Because I love to tell stories and stories don’t originate out of stiffly directed photos, they evolve around them.

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