Curiously Yours

For a long time I thought I was going to be a writer.

I was totally that kid that was still scribbling furiously long after our English teacher said “Time’s up.” Of course, I was always the first to volunteer to read out loud, too.

But underneath those nerdy layers was a toad-catchin’, dirt-diggin’, fishin’-with-my-dad tomboy. I wasn’t grossed out by blood, and craved horror movies. I swung my dad’s machete in the backyard and hung upside down from rope swings with my brothers.

When I was in the 4th grade my teachers had a nickname for me — Miss Curiosity. I asked a lot of questions and was an adventurous child, fascinated by the world.

By the 5th grade I decided I’d like to be a botanist. My mom even humored me with a pet cactus that I constantly touched just to see what it took to get pricked.

I was fearless.

I say was because, inevitably, kids grow up and experience things that mold them into their adult self. Even if the experience is as simple as falling off a bike, listening to punk rock for the first time or having your crush sign your yearbook.

Whatever it was in my case, I lost my fearlessness somewhere along the way. Now I squeal at the sight of a spider, endure nightmares about Alf and watch American Horror Story with the lights on.

I may not be fearless anymore, but I’m still easily excited and love a good adventure.

Just not the upside-down rope swing kind.

Just not the pen and paper kind.