Riggs For Lunch

March 19, 2012

That’s Allyson’s nickname. I didn’t come up with it but I have a very heavy hand in keeping it alive. :) These are yet more photos from our walkabout in the Untapped Wonderland. Allyson, who works as a marketing photographer for Rogue Brewery, will be joining me as a second-shooter for my local/PNW weddings this year.

We went to school together, shot my first wedding together, and are now living in Portland… Not together, but you get the idea. We like each other a whole bunch, and it’s my hope that anyone who gets to work with us as a team will be able to see Ally for who she is: a gorgeous, goofy, clever and amazing photographer.

Allyson Riggs - Portland Portrait Photographer

Allyson Riggs - Portland Portrait Photographer

Allyson Riggs - Portland Portrait Photographer


Lovely shots! The first portrait of her is just amazing!
Now I’m just curious about that Nikon she is using, what’s the model name of it? Looks lika a sweet camera, would fit in my camera bag for sure ;)

// From a Swedish follower :)

Heya Tord! Thanks for stopping by. The camera Ally’s got is the Nikon F outfitted with a waist-level finder. Hope that helps!

Thank you Kim for the kinds words about Allyson! I couldn’t agree more! But then again, she is my daughter!

Looove that side-lit shot. The B&W and grain really bring out her eyes.

Kimmy! I am so flattered! I promise you we will have a million amazing adventures together this year and I can’t wait to work with you. You’re the best and I don’t know what kind of photographer I’d be without you if you weren’t around to keep me going.

Love these photos, Kim. Just gorgeous.