Amanda & Chase (III)

Paris Wedding Photographer

If you’ve been following along, we last left off with Amanda and Chase tying the knot on a boat in the Gardens of Versailles. It was kinda unreal. After hopping a train back into Paris, we parted ways for a much needed lunch break. I took a quick jump in the tub to soak my weary feet, and it all came back full circle for a late afternoon sight-seeing picture-taking Paris-frolicking extravaganza. From Paris’s Love Lock bridges, to champagne in Champ de Mars under the Eiffel Tower, to a visit with the moon in the courtyard of the Louvre.

So freaking magical!

I had the time of my life in a city I never thought I’d have the opportunity to visit, with two people that made the spectacular views even more gorgeous than imaginable. What more could you ask for, really?

Paris wedding photographer - Bride and Groom on the Pont Louis-Philippe

Paris portrait photographer - Newlyweds in Paris

Destination Paris elopement - Newlyweds drinking wine on balcony

Destination Paris elopement - Groom drinking wine on balcony

Destination Paris Elopement - Bride drinking wine on balcony

Paris elopement photographer - Newlyweds walking across bridge

Paris wedding photographer - Newlyweds holding hands

Paris wedding photographer - Newlyweds kissing in Paris alley

Paris wedding photographer - Bride holding love lock

Paris wedding photographer - Newlyweds holding love lock

Paris wedding photographer - Bride holding key to love lock

Paris destination wedding photographer - Bride on Love Lock Bridge

Paris elopement photographer - Newlyweds kissing by French flag

Vintage Paris wedding photographer - Newlyweds on Carousel - Eiffel Tower

Bride on Carousel - Paris wedding photographer

Newlyweds on Carousel - vintage wedding photographer

Groom Pouring Champagne in Champ de Mars - Paris elopement

Newlyweds kissing in Champ de Mars - Portland wedding photographer

Newlyweds being silly - Champ de Mars - Paris, France

Paris wedding photographer - Newlyweds under the Eiffel Tower

Paris wedding photographer - Lovers at the Louvre

Couple kissing at the Louvre - Paris wedding photographer

Newlyweds holding hands at the Louvre - Paris, France

Newlyweds at the Louvre - Paris, France

Groom taking photo on iPhone - Louvre - Paris, France

Newlyweds at the Louvre - Paris, France

Bride and Groom crossing the street - Paris, France

Bride and Groom in front of traffic - Paris, France

Paris Wedding Photographer - Bride and Groom in Traffic

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  • Cara

    on June 14, 2012  11:33 am

    you did such an amazing and creative job with these shots. truly inspiring. i imagine this shoot alone should get you gigs for a lifetime!!

  • Nora

    on June 14, 2012  2:01 pm

    These photos are absolutely stunning. Gorgeous editing as well! I can't stop staring!

  • Jade Sheldon

    on June 14, 2012  9:42 pm

    Soooooo dreamy Kim! Wow! I am totally blown away by the black and white of them on the carousel.

  • Laura

    on June 15, 2012  11:34 am

    Dreamy. Just dreamy.

  • April

    on June 15, 2012  4:51 pm

    Holy schniekies!!! Stunners. Especially love the close up of them in front of The Louvre, with her hair going across. These are so so great.

  • Amy

    on June 19, 2012  1:44 am

    I wanted to save viewing this post for tomorrow because the first two posts were so gorgeous, but in the end I just couldn't not look at the rest of these photos! So magical! These are so amazing. I'm absolutely stunned at the feeling, the love, and the wistfulness you managed to capture!!! Ah I could look at these photos for days, they are just so beautiful.

  • soobum im

    on June 19, 2012  1:07 pm

    Love the looks the dreamy looks. Great job

  • Tyler

    on June 19, 2012  1:29 pm

    commenting again. insane work. killed it.

  • Keli

    on June 19, 2012  2:06 pm

    I love these. So much.

    I told Erik we might have to get married again in Paris.

  • Rebecca

    on June 19, 2012  6:52 pm

    Incredible! Makes me wish I was there. and I love the word frolicking! Fantastic images for the two of them to remember it all by.

  • caroline

    on June 19, 2012  7:52 pm

    these are pretty dang mindblowing. something about that 3rd image down is so editorial and fantastic. my favorite shot is the b&w/sepia one in front of the eiffel tower. amazing work, girl.

  • Heather K

    on June 20, 2012  5:59 am

    These are absolutely CRAZY AWESOME. I kept scrolling and thinking "Oh, I love that one. OMG, I love that one more. No, this is my new favorite... no.. OMG these are awesome".

  • Tenielle

    on June 20, 2012  6:41 am

    Oh me oh my, Paris! Oui these are incredible, beautiful fashion inspired portraits.

  • Sam

    on June 20, 2012  7:13 am

    Wow, this is so good! Seriously, amazing, fantastic work, I am absolutely loving the colors and the moments. Amazing.

  • Trude

    on June 20, 2012  1:11 pm

    Love everything about this. Her dress, the rings, the LOCATION, and mostly your photography. Magical is the key word indeed!

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  • WPS

    on October 16, 2014  11:45 pm

    There’s so much beauty my heart is going to explode!

  • nazanin

    on March 7, 2015  11:28 pm

    we want to come to paris just for photography,we wont any celebration there, i think we will at paris in 13 of september. can i know aboat your photography detail and cost of your photography.
    thanks a lot