Deidre & Beau | World Forestry Center | Portland, OR

September 10, 2012

Summery World Forestry Center Wedding

When Deidre was in high school she took tennis lessons from Beau at the University of Portland. She often used the rain as an excuse to offer him a ride home, where he barely said anything more than “We should hang out, or something.” Little did Beau know, Deidre was spending hours on the phone with her sister analyzing their conversations (or lack thereof).

Unfortunately, Deidre left for undergrad before she got to find out what that “something” was. But eight years and many Google stalking attempts later, she walked into her favorite bar… And there he was. After some prodding from her sister, Deidre mustered up some courage, took a shot, and proceeded to interrupt Beau’s conversation.

Beau is now a Kindergarten teacher, and their wedding at the St. Rita Church in Northeast Portland was filled with the whispers and shy glances of his students, who couldn’t wait to see Mr. I’s bride. Later, a party bus took the wedding gang downtown where we made our way to the reception at the World Forestry Center. From there it was a total feast for the eyes and belly — ping-pong, tennis trophies, milk and cookies, eager dancers and more navy-and-white than you can shake a corndog at!

For most couples, “A Match Made In Heaven” is nothing more than an old saying.

For Deidre and Beau, it’s the honest truth.

World Forestry Center Wedding - Grooms at the Hilton Hotel

World Forestry Center Wedding - Groom getting ready at the Hilton Hotel

World Forestry Center Wedding - Bride putting on make-up at the Hilton Hotel

World Forestry Center Wedding - Mother of Bride photographing the dress

World Forestry Center Wedding - Bride's bouquet, ring and Badgley Mischka shoes

World Forestry Center Wedding - Crucifix at the St. Rita Catholic Church

World Forestry Center Wedding - Catholic Ceremony at the St. Rita Church

Portland Photographer - Best man getting out the rings - St. Rita Catholic Church

World Forestry Center Wedding - Wedding Party Formals

World Forestry Center Wedding - Bridesmaid Formal Outtake

World Forestry Center Wedding - Bride and Groom Portrait - Bokeh Panorama at the World Forestry Center

World Forestry Center Wedding - Bride and Groom Portrait at the World Forestry Center

World Forestry Center Wedding - Bride and Groom walking to the reception

World Forestry Center Wedding - Tennis Trophy Centerpieces  Reception

World Forestry Center Wedding - Food and Flowers  Reception

World Forestry Center Wedding - Bride on the dancefloor in silver Sperry Top-Siders

World Forestry Center Wedding - Bride and Groom on the dancefloor  Reception

World Forestry Center Wedding - Guests singing to the bride's grandma  Reception

World Forestry Center Wedding - Bride eating a corndog on the dancefloor  Reception

Vendors & Resources
Wedding Planner: Amber Morrison of World Forestry Center
Catering: Catering At Its Best
Bride’s Dress: Lena Medoyeff
Bride’s Shoes: Bagdley Mischka
Groom’s Suit: JCrew
Bridesmaid Dresses: Lands’ End Canvas
Groomsmen Suits: Studio Suits
Hair/Make-Up: Julie Senders of The National Beauty


Beautiful colours in this series!

Beautiful Images as Always!!! Did you process these images with your own actions if so would you mind sharing which ones you may have used??

I am in LOVE with those flash photos. So awesome, Kim!

These are gorgeous! I love your creative group shots!

Holy shit, Kim, these are all awesome! I love the way you see the world!
And I see what you meant about the flash, that looks so much less static! it’s actually really amazing!
My favorites are the ones with the glasses and bouquets in the limo, the cookie ears and the bride and groom dancing. That double exposure rocks! Or as the menu at my favorite Thai restaurant says: it knock my sock off!
I spy the owner of Radish Underground!

Great shots. Excellent wedding photojournalism!

I love how you tell a story Kim. The cookie picture made me lol!

Diggin the reception photos!! Beautiful work!

Such a fun and awesome day.. love their story, their style, and your capturing of their day.

Lovely work! The dance floor shots are amazing.

Nice coverage, with good attention to detail and some great moments captured.

From start to finish, you captured it all! I love the portraits, the emotion, the laughter and joy! Beautiful!

Killer colours, hilarious bridal party, brilliant portraits.

Man, that’s some nuts work right there.

you’ve capture such a huge range of emotions! i love it. i feel like i was there, start to finish. and those dancing shots? love them!

love this wedding! the colors are beautiful and your documentary style worked so well. the bride’s reception shoes are awesome!

Awesome! Love the special moments you captured and love how you did it all with interesting compositions and wonderful use of light.

I love, love, love when it is potently clear that a wedding was all about community. That the people in attendance truly made the day. Beautiful, Kim. I’m also loving the shutterdrag (?) in the dance shots. Woot!