The Cat Files: Tom

July 20, 2009

After a half-summer hiatus, the Cat Files are officially back! During my time away I managed to snuggle up 2 Humboldt kitties as well as make plans for a collaborative Cat File with some East Coast fuzzballs.

But first, let’s take a look at Tom “The Cat” Miller, shall we?

Full Name: Tom

Aliases: None. Just Tom.

Age: ~20 years.

Residence: Miller-Born House, Redding, CA.

Coat/Build: Dry longhair, grey. Currently: Weak and underweight. Historically: Large and in charge.

Meow Type: Whispers.

Back Story: As a kitten he was lost with his sister. After posting signs and traveling the neighborhood the Millers were ready to give up when a knock came on the door. A couple of local teens said they had found Tom and became quite fond of him, but knew returning him was the right thing to do.

Originally, Tom was Chris’s childhood cat, but over the years he grew closer to Chris’s mother, Sue. To date, and for as long as I’ve known him, Tom is always at Sue’s feet, laying by her side or perched on a folded arm. If Sue isn’t around, Tom will settle for whoever is around until she gets home, where he will drop everything and be back at her side, forgetting that anyone else even exists.

Likes: Sleeping. Laying in inconvenient places. Shrinking the self-esteem of other cats.

Dislikes: Being alone, or worse: ignored.

Favorite Place to Nap: Sun spots. Computer desks. Sue’s lap.

Claim to Fame: Impeccable survival skills. Tom was once so overweight that he could hardly be picked up, but last September his health was drastically declining, and he was very close to being put to sleep due to kidney failure. At the last minute some extra tests and treatments were done and Tom’s condition reversed. He came home from the ICU as a thin, fragile kitty with a horrible odor. He’s been that cat ever since.

Downfall: Having the worst breath ever. Being a veritable puke machine.


[…] is Tom– I’ve blogged about him before. He yawned more times than I could count (or shoot) when we were hanging out in the back yard […]

Lovely looking cat. I love the depth of field.

Beautiful photos!

This might be my favorite cat file so far.

It’s between him and L.C., isn’t it?


Aw, he’s so fluffy. I adore that first photo, beautiful bokeh.

What a sweetie. I love the one where he’s laying on top of the piles of clothes. My cat does this every time I do laundry. :)

He’s beautiful! And thank you for using ‘y’all!’ Haha. :)
I love it.

20 years?! That’s so crazy. =)
I love those eyes and that coat. I love The Cat Files.

Those are some cool photos. I like the one of him on the bed shot from behind.

Wonderful portrait and perfect crop!


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Yikes. Great photos though. I really like the of his shadow behind him. Very cute kitty. I’ll take your word on the smelly breath. It could be worse- or perhaps it is, if he’s gassy.

Because cat farts are the worst.

Oh, so true! Though I don’t think I’ve ever known a grown up kitty that farts… It seems like that’s kitten territory, which they must have learned to harness as they got older, hah :P

aww, the third to last photo has an awesome cat shape shadow :)

That’s Felix’s shadow, actually! He’s sitting on our bed having a stare-down with Tom :)

He is absolutely gorgeous and has definately aged well. Definately looks like a kitty who would be worth snuggling up with =)