The Cat Files: Felix

May 5, 2009

If you’re a crazy cat lady like I am, you’ll love this new series of posts I have lined up. Every once in awhile I’m going to gather up the best photos of a particular cat I’ve shot over the years and write up a little bio about them.

And, being the current love of my life, I thought it’d be careless of me to kick off the Cat Files with anyone but the man in black himself. So…

Say hello to Felix!

Felix's New Collar

309/365: Sundown with Lt. Gaeta

Felix Felix Meets Grass

Hunting for Bugs “The cat is above all things, a dramatist.”

Chasing Birds

Squirrel-Cat Half Cat, Half Giraffe, Apparently


Full Name: Lt. Felix Gaeta, named after a character of the same name from Battlestar Galactica (pre-mutiny, pre-perjury, for the record!).

Aliases: Felix Felicis, Flea-licks, Fleabit, Batly.

Age: ~1 1/2 years.

Coat / Build: Black, short and silky. Long and slender.

Meow Type: Howler.

Backstory: Abandoned shortly after birth by mother, found on the street by neighbors of the Miller-Borns. Adopted by Chris and Kim Miller (that’s us!).

Often Mistaken For: A squirrel or giraffe. The Batmobile. The Wolf monster from the Neverending Story.

Likes: Climbing trees. Long scratches down the spine. Your breath after a tasty meal.

Dislikes: Road trips. Collars. Conventional sources of drinking water.

Favorite Place to Nap: Crocheted blankets. Hampers. Reusable grocery bags.

Claim to Fame: Playing fetch with crumpled receipts. Overcoming the oppression of a collar and growing into a fearless hunter. Having a ridiculously long tail.

Downfall: Tragic addiction to catnip.

Personal Quote: “I can quit anytime I want to!”


Felix is a BEAUTIFUL boy that reminds me so much of my Jag, who I lost 2 Christmases ago to Feline Leukemia. We found out 2 weeks before he died that he had the illness and it was a long, tragic, horrible ordeal that I hope I never go through again. He was a wonderful cat and I still miss him terribly. You have a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL cat.

Hi Kim,

Love this project, and that photo of Felix snapping down on the bird is quite amazing! Wanted to share my East Van Cats project with you, wherein I wander the streets of East Vancouver, British Columbia, and snap photos of the felines that I meet:

Looking forward to seeing the rest of this series!


my cats go crazy for that shit. cute shot : )

Those are great photos! He looks like quite a little hunter. I can see why he wants to be outside so much. :) You’ve inspired me to catalog some of my favorite kitty pictures!

Love these cat photos–even if Felix is exactly the type of cat that freaks me out! I was attacked by a black cat once…now I harbor a grudge…

Aw, that’s really sad! I’ve only been attacked by a ridiculously feral cat hiding in our garage before (i.e., I had it coming!). Felix can be quite intimidating but he’s settled down in his adulthood. He terrorized us as a kitten, yet nowadays he cats around all day before coming in for some late night snuggles!

Amazing capture – congratulations!

Willow does this too.. I’ve given up trying to plant it…

Kim, these photos are fantastic! And I love this idea. =)

That last picture of Felix is something else!

The reverse is about to come true for us… We’re moving to Portland and praying to the Cat Gods that Felix will be happy indoors!

But the first day we ever let him loose in nature he went hog wild. It’s pretty much the most satisfying experience ever for both you and your cat!

This is what I like to see. I can’t wait until I can live somewhere that I can let my kitties outside.

Ooh, this is going to be so great! Felix is the most photogenic cat I’ve ever seen. Also, I love how un-alone I feel in the cat love universe. I’ve got over a thousand photos on my Flickr of just my cats – and those are the ones I thought worthy enough to upload!

(On a side note: I’ve been wanting to start a regular blog, but would really like something other than wordpress or blogspot; how did yours come about?)

I know what you mean, never did I think I’d get such a great response to the start of this project but I guess there’s a little cat lady in all of us, hehe :)

Also, when I started my blog I didn’t want to go through Blogger or Typepad or any of the free services either, so I just bought domain and installed WordPress onto it. Bingo bango! A bit more of an expensive option, but at least you have full control of everything!

Yes! I find more and more catlovers the more I squee over mine. And my boyfriend has turned out to be quite the catfeller himself!

Ooh, that sounds great, though! Where did you purchase the domain anyway? I never know which sites are actually legit, you know? Thank you so much for you response, by the way!

No problem! I registered and host my domain through They’re totally legit and give you more space than anyone would ever need. If you decide to sign up, let me know so I can make you a promo code and get you a discount!

Well I’m definitely going to sign up then! Now comes the hard part, though – picking a name!

Has it been fairly easy to figure out? It seems like everything is pretty simple.

The Cat Files is an awesomely fantastic idea! Cats make me squee even on my most horrific days.
Felix seems like such a charming cat. His fur is so silky. How do you get his fur so silky?

I don’t know how he does it… Maybe he sneaks off to a secret cat salon on those days where he seems to be nowhere in sight. That would explain the mysterious disappearance of all my money, haha ;)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this it is amazing. Did I ever tell you that for a period in my life I was so shy that instead of talking I just meowed? I secretly wished I was a cat. Anyways I totally appreciate this it is fantastic!

I think I DID know that, but it’s adorable no matter how many times I’ve heard it. Back when I was a grungey punk-child I used to lick my hand and use it to push my bangs aside, the way a cat gives itself a bath, you know? Years later I gagged in disgust at the thought of LICKING my HAND! Hahaha.

Fantastic! You probably will only have to get worried if the neighbours’ cats start hanging out with him in a little mob and the cat nip starts disappearing faster than normal (or if he disappears for lengths of time and the stash starts getting bigger =)

These are absolutely fantastic! I am a cat person as well, and there can never be enough kitty pictures!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Social nipper… I love it!!!

He’s a social nipper. He can stop any time he wants.

awww im excited for these. he is a big beautiful boy!!

The blog post made me smile. Cats are have such personality :)

Sigma 30mm? Those are pretty sharp!

Lovely :)
We had the same problem with our cats losing their collars, too, so we don’t use the breakaway ones anymore, but the traditional buckle collars. No problems in years (with either losses or snags).

Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

Very 80’s it!

What a cool kitty!

it takes a secure man to wear pink, and he totally pulls it off.

He looks great in pink! It stands out against his black coat so well =)

It looks amazing on him! :) Aww now I wish our dog was black. Haha.

Thanks Meg! Chris feels like he might be embarassed of it, but everyone else in the house agrees that he’s just echoing the neon color palette of the 80’s. All that’s missing are some SWEET shades.

the pink/black combo = totally stunning. i love it! :)

Saw this in explorer. You definitely caught the moment. Just checked the exif, apparently 1/125 isn’t fast enough to catch the entire cat to be in focus it’s so quick! Nice capture. Your cat rules.

Be careful the tiny life too my dear:)

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HA! That is GREAT!!! Go Kitty Badass!!!

Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Felidae – The Beast Inside, and we’d love to have this added to the group!

Awesome capture!! Great timing!

lol. I was kind of worried you’d have a sad-attack when you saw these shots!

Wow, that is an incredible capture!
So many people don’t understand why cats will bring dead birds, rabbits etc back to their humans but they’re actually trying to teach us to hunt! My two cats used to bring them home all the time when we lived in the country (once even through my open bedroom window!)

Oh man, I love that story! And even moreso I love the fact that his name was Rover! lol.

My uncle used to have a black cat named Rover. He was awesome – he used to chase dogs and wake my uncle up by twanging the springy wall protector behind the door (what are those things called?). Felix is totally reminding me of Rover here.

I l-o-v-e black cats to death! However, my room mate has a black cat who is like the polar opposite of Felix, here. Her name is Olive and spends every day curled up on her bed, only getting up to eat and poo. What a weirdo!

wow, I’m not even sure if Spider would be able to do that! great capture.

Aww how sweet! Love the picture and the quote!

It’s possible! Felix had a sister that was all-white, and a brother that was a grey Siamese. He basically has all the features and personality traits of a Siamese cat, except that he’s all black. Our room mate has a black cat, too, though and she’s the complete opposite! She’s very petite, quiet and bashful.

I have a little black kitten right now. Is this the panther he is going to grow up to be?