The Cat Files: Olive

September 9, 2009

I’ve been waiting all summer to post this one! Olive is my old room mate’s feline companion and, despite being a black cat, she is pretty much the complete opposite of Felix.

I got to do a little Q&A with her owner, Kristina, whom I miss dearly, so this one is a double treat for me. And, what’s this? We have actual, real-live video footage of this month’s cat! Though, if you’re a regular reader, you’ve probably already seen it before.


Full Name: Olive Heather Pocahontas Pedersen.

Aliases: None. Just Olive.

Age: ~3 years.

Residence: The Tree House, Arcata, CA (also known to many as Cozy Corners).

Coat/Build: Short-hair, plump and petite. Most known for her tiny paws to bountiful belly ratio.

Meow Type: Cricket chirps with a question mark at the end.

Back Story: Kristina had a rat problem. “A serious rat problem,” she says. “So I went to the pound looking for a ratter and the lady working there suggested Olive. Although Olive has not caught a rat, or mouse, or bird for that matter, the entire time we have known each other I have realized that more importantly, we are soul mates.”

Likes: Sleeping. Rolling in dirt. Playing with her mink stole. Hanging out with people. Smelling / tasting / rubbing all up on your shoes. Dinner time.

Dislikes: All other cats. Being alone. Flea medicine. Loud noises. Soiled litter.

Favorite Place to Nap: Near windows. Stuffed between couch pillows. Your tummy.

Claim to Fame: Having white pubic hair. Being a world class fly catcher. Peeing in tub drains without a drop of evidence.

Downfall: Extremely insecure. Stresses out when she spends too much time alone, or if a dog is near. “When either of these things happen,” Kristina says, “she develops a bladder problem and pees tiny droplets around the house. She’s a sensitive soul.”


What a beautiful kitty! Is there a hole in the curtain just for Olive to look out? Now, that is serious pet devotion! That cat must be living the good life =]

hehe, the hole was made by a couple of rambunctious kittens that used to live there (and have their own file coming someday). But Olive definitely has used their destruction to her advantage :)

Gosh, you could make a book out of this, Kim! And then you could do Cat Files for a living!

This was one of my favorites so far.

It makes my toes warm.

I think I really will start working on a book– probably through Blurb, and probably without all the quirky text. Just a nice little photo book of all the cats I’ve come across.

What a great cat! =^..^=

Olive!!!! The quote about being soul mates is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever heard. :)

I know! My heart went to mush when she first told me that!

I hope you can photograph/meet Link one day, his cat file would be interesting…

If I had it my way, I’d never work a day of my life again and just travel the world, photographing all the kitties along the way!

OH gosh, this is fantastic light.

Very nice effects. Clever shot!

This is really a Furry CAT Friend.
Furry Friends
Thank you for adding this great capture to this group!

I love love loooveee the name Olive.