The Cat Files: L.C.

May 12, 2009

L.C. L.C. Being L.C.



Full Name: Lindy’s Cat.

Aliases: L.C., L, Elsers.

Age: 15 years.

Coat / Build: Longhair, tabby. Old and fragile.

Meow Type: Complainer.

Backstory: Her and another cat named Grey Kitty were taken in as kittens when Chris and Lindy were children. The Grey Kitty was for Chris and L.C. was for Lindy (hence the name). Their family went on a trip and both cats disappeared. Grey Kitty never came back but L.C. did.

Likes: Sleeping. Scratches on the rump.

Dislikes: Currently: Being picked up. Being inside the house for more than 5 minutes. Historically: Being outside for more than 5 minutes.

Favorite Place to Nap: Currently: On a pile of garden mulch. Historically: Lindy’s bed.

Claim to Fame: Ability to shoot hate beams.

Downfall: Uncontrollable drooling.

Personal Quote: “Don’t even think about it!”


[…] L.C., by the way, stands for “Lindy’s Cat.” She’s been around for an eon, and then some. […]

I love the photo of the cat smiling =]
I’ve never met a cat who drools.

OH, gosh, what the personality! I love the way you’ve captured her. The third is definitely my favorite. Oh, these files are so fantastic!

She is gorgeous!! And I love that her name is “Lindy’s Cat”, hahaha!

My cat Meeko was the same way with the inside/outside thing. He used to never want to be outside, but after our cat, Frankie (Meeko’s best friend) died, he would stay out for days at a time sometimes. I think it was because Frankie loved outside and Meeko tries to honor him in that way. Or, he likes being away from all of the other animals my mom adopted over the years, ha!

Awww, that is really sweet in a sad sort of way! I fall to pieces when it seems like cats are affected by the loss of the other cats in your/their life. We had a cat who was 20+ years old die a few years ago, and it seemed like all the other cats got very sad and mopey immediately after the loss of her. Sometimes I think it’s just us wanting to project human emotions onto animals, and other times I tell that part of me to shut up :)

ummm, the cat files are AWESOME. l.c. looks like quite a character. when i was little we had a cat named l.k., which stood for little kitty. ha.

incidentally, i think we should do a little collaboration on ramona & ellie mae… :D

Yes, yes YUSS!!! This will be awesome. For the next installment I already planned on honoring Eddie (Chris’s childhood cat), but we will def. collaborate soon and we can pick out photos of the two rascals. Plus, I think the story of Ramona is so stinking cute, the whole world should hear it!

I love the second to last photo! Very well done. :)

I love the kitty posts. We have three cats and consider ourselves crazy cat people.

Oh! I can’t wait to someday have more than one kitty, that sounds like so much fun. I guess technically this summer I have way more than three kitties, but they are for the most part all outdoor friends.

ohhh I want this cat so fiercely! I’m sure you already know about maru and his blog? I love him too. I can’t wait to see more of your cat files!

I love L. but she is probably the most moody cat I’ve ever met!

Maru? I’ve never heard of him or his blog… Link me up!

ohhh Kim you are going to hopefully fall in loveeee! But I’m 99% sure you’ve seen him!

His videos…ohhh boy.

Some people yearn for babies, I yearn for a maru of my own!


HFS… I have NEVER seen this before, but I’m pretty much in Heaven right now. I think I feel a new favorite Google Reader subscription coming on. Thank you!

The second photo reminds me of those old black and white portraits of movie star ladies with giant eyelashes and eyebrows, looking up with bored looks on their faces. I love it!

Hah! Oh man, Renee… Did you hit the nail on the head. You could totally project that whole personality type onto this cat… All she needs are some silk black gloves and a smoking wand.

i am LOVE LOVE LOVING your blog! i can’t believe i just discovered it.

Oh, thank you! I’ve been reading your blog on my Google Reader for some time now :)

We have a long haired cat that is a total lurker. I think there’s some connection between long hair and some genetic disposition towards shadiness in cats.

this is hilarious! i love moody kitties.

Wow she looks like our old cat Piddle almost.

only one comment?!?!?

this is incredible
love the action you caught