The Doctor Is In

September 13, 2011

If you asked her who her soul mate is, she will likely answer “Neville Longbottom” without a second’s thought. For as long as I’ve known Kristina she’s been a down-to-Earth girl who didn’t mind a little hard work, especially if it meant reaping edibles from the dirt of her own backyard.

When I returned to Humboldt earlier this summer, a lot had changed, and a lot was the same. Kristina still works harder and laughs more than most people I know, but now she’s a full-fledged herbalist. Or as I like to call it, a witch doctor.

Every morning when we woke up we ate bacon and potatoes with onions and greens from her yard. But before all of that, she fed me tinctures of Rumex crispus (which we always said in our best geek-voice), to help aid in digestion.

When I my stomach started arguing with me over all the gorging I’d done while in town, she fed me a tincture she calls bellyache-b-gone – if I recall correctly it was heavy on the peppermint and chamomile. A few drops into a shotglass of water and I slept well that night.

And when I left she gave me a jar of antifungal salve and let me sample some orange chocolate chapstick, both of which she made. She made!

Neville would be proud.


That’s so great! Good for her for applying ancient knowledge and pouring her heart into it.

So cool! Humboldt is the perfect place to do that sort of thing. I wish I knew someone so skilled with herbs! I’m sure my poor sickly kidneys would prefer that sort of medicine than the standard stuff. Oh and lovely photographs of course, always. The first one is my fave. I like the unexpected focus point. :-)

Being a witchdoctor sounds pretty awesome! I’m imagining the shelves with all the medicines, neatly stacked on them :)

wow, your friend pretty much sounds like a rockstar. how awesome!

Ahhhh. I wanted to be a witch doctor! (I’ve always called it that, too!) I even did an apprenticeship for two years! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but I’m very excited. Yay Kristina! My childhood friend lives in Humboldt now, too. Small world. =)

I love your new blog look. You have a way with wordpress, I wish I did! And your friend here, she sounds like a miracle worker. I’m glad that herbalists still exist. That ancient knowledge should never be lost.

Thanks Vanessa! :) It’s a constant work in progress but the geek in me definitely has fun with it. And I totally agree with you – it would be a shame to let the benefits of Mother Nature go to waste! Kristina was always showing me herbs on the side of the road she could use, and they just looked like weeds to my naked eye… So cool.