June 8, 2010

Tomorrow afternoon I’m hopping on a train and riding down to California to shoot a wedding, attend a baby shower, and visit with friends and family during the downtime. I’m beyond excited.

Unfortunately, this will be a 12-hour train ride, by myself, so I can’t imagine I’ll have anywhere near as much fun as I did when this photo of my friend, Ryan, was taken in Thailand last year.

I will be bringing my laptop with me, and keep the posts comin’ when I have the time to write ’em. All orders for actions will still be sent out promptly, as well– I just wanted to give a head’s up in case I decided to totally bail out on the blogosphere for the next week!


When I went home for Christmas I spent 12 hours on a train with my dog as only company – but he spent the entire ride lying in my lap sleeping like a dead fat log, so he wasn’t any good company. Baw. Aaanyway, have fun on the trip! And take many many purdy photos. :D

Awww! That is so sweet and funny!

I really want to take the train up to Portland sometime! It seems like it would be really pretty…

uh. i love these type of shots too.

i love these shots for some reason… the whole "head out the train window" .
he’s sooo happy!