The Tourist

February 28, 2010

One semester in college my entire photography class had to prepare individual slideshows with backing music, to be presented to the open public.

The process was actually pretty grueling, too. We had to first create a storyboard of our idea, shoot it, develop the negs and then print them onto litho film to create the positive, then cut out each slide and glue it into a slide case. It was a great learning experience but man, I never want to do that again!

My slideshow was called The Tourist and revolved around a darker Alice in Wonderland sort of tale. Basically, girl reads a book, falls asleep, finds herself awake in a weird new world and has to find her book to get transported home, only to be left wondering if it really happened or not.

The soundtrack to this is “Kefka’s Theme” from the Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections, one of my favorite albums ever. The music playing at the credits is “Kids Run Through The City Corner,” also from the VI Collection.

Anyway, I started making a digital version of my slideshow in Windows Movie Maker last summer and never quite finished it. Mostly I’m missing a couple frames (hence the repeat shots), and I went a little overboard with the camera shake effects, but overall I’m pleased with where I left off.

Despite all that, I thought I’d post it for s&g’s. Hope you enjoy it, too! And Happy Sunday. :)


Kim (it’s Julia from flickr and twitter),

it’s beautiful!!!! I loved it!

Of course you used a piano collection. Of course. =}

Hi Kim – I LOVE it :). Gorgeous photos, as always. I’ve never really seen your film / darkroom work, amazing as that is. The music was perfect.

Thanks Charissa :)

That’s funny that we were so close at HSU yet you haven’t seen much of my film work! I guess I was just switching to digital when we really met each other, so that makes sense…

I’m trying to make it a point to go through and scan my work into the computer, though, so maybe more film posts in the future?

hey I like it altho I had to turn down the sound cus my roommate is sleeping… other than that I think you where in Adv while I was in Beg :o.. so of course I haven’t seen this before..