Sauvie Island

September 11, 2011

After a mildly disappointing first summer in Portland, I vowed that this year, I would do the season justice. I still didn’t live up to my own ridiculous expectations (which involved visiting every park and food cart pod in the city) but I had a great time and checked off a couple of firsts.

At the top of that list was getting out to Sauvie Island for berry picking. I ended up going twice, it was so much fun. On the second time around raspberry season was coming to a halt, but I spent almost an hour roaming through the raspberry graveyard, sometimes going toe-to-toe with some hungry bees. I came out with just shy of a pint. The lady in the store was so impressed by my tenacity she gave me the “forager’s discount.” Hah!

Photos 2, 10, 12-14, 16 shot by Chris.

[…] girl’s day out. This whole adventure got me super pumped for future summer activities. Berry picking on Sauvie Island and water gun fights in Laurelhurst Park are seriously a handful of weeks […]

Who is that CHILD??? She is so perfectly sweet!

Picking berries on Sauvie Island is the highlight of my summer. Finding space in my freezer for all the bounty is the challenge of my summer! We go to Kruger’s too – I love the atmosphere. You and Chris took some beautiful photos!

I have only ever been to Kruger’s but I love it there, too. I always feel like I’m wandering around Hobbiton – the awesome Tolkien-esque map on the back of their sign definitely adds to that!

And I hear ya on the freezer situation! Smoothies every. single. day. And I still have bags ‘n’ bags of berries. Not complaining!

Summer can’t be over yet! These photos are proof of it.

I feel bad saying this, but most of these were taken in July, haha. RIP Summer! :(

They’re beautiful! I kept picking the few blackberries that were ripe when I went for walks over the summer and just discovered a place that has some tasty ones, so I understand your excitement!