12 Hour Summer Vacation

July 14, 2010

Even though last Saturday was the tail end of Portland’s heat wave, a visit the coast where the forecast was sunny and 70 was in order. After loading up on snacks I hopped in a car with my two favorite dudes, and away we went to Lincoln City.

Ben, being very unlike Chris, has no problem hamming it up for the camera.

A simple suggestion for Ben to keep kicking sand while I snapped away somehow turned into him burrowing his legs deeper and deeper into the shore.

Made for great photos, but I was so stuck in my viewfinder that a huge, ice cold wave snuck up on us. I believe I was saying “OH JESUS!” over and over while these last two photos were taken. ;)

In the end I managed to get some silliness out of Chris, too. I don’t know how I got them to hold hands, though.

Other calamities include dropping my shades in the sand, and realizing 1 hour into our drive back to Portland that we were transforming into lobsters. A great day otherwise.

Photos processed using actions Glaze, Darken Rahl, Light Leaks and Lemonade.
Available through Mouffette’s Photoshop Actions!

sorry for faving so many of your photos, but you have so many wonderful and lovely things here. glad i found your stream!

mmmm makes me want to be at a beach soooo bad, really beautifiul!!!

beautiful capture – feels very serene

lemonade action works fantastic!
B Square — You know you want to!

i love these pictures! makes me miss summer.

man, the absolute gorgeous image and moment.

not only do i love the feather…. i love the lightness and mystery of the back ground. fabulous!

I LOVE these photos! It looks like you guys had so much fun!

Have I mentioned before that I adore your blog’s layout? I have been trying to redo mine for ages [though I’d like to actually have my own domain.. someday.]

Great post!! :)

Aw, thank you! I am always re-styling my blog because I’m super fickle, but I think this design is here to stay.

that 3rd image is so lovely. i adore the light.


xo Alison

This looks like sooo much fun!!! The jumping/hand-holding picture is amazing and HILARIOUS!