Unidentified Flowering Object

July 25, 2011

Today I have a lot to accomplish, but the #1 thing on my list is picking up the first rolls of film from my new system camera. I’ll have to finish up all my errands beforehand, though, because when I get off the bus with those negatives in my hot little hands, nothing is going to stand between me and my scanner. (Nerd!)

‘Til then, enjoy some naturey crap. :)

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8C
Film: Fuji Reala 100
Scanned from a negative developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

Damn, I thought you’d know what type of flower it was – it’s awesome looking.

LMAO. your title and tags are just way to funny.
I have no idea either, but it sure is pretty. :)

what a color! great framing of that flower too!

I followed the link to your Instagram…is that the RZ-67? If so, I’ve got the same one! I can’t wait to see your photos. I need to take mine out again soon. It came with a Polaroid back that I can’t wait to test out. :-)

Yes, it is! I’d love to have a Polaroid back, but for now I’m just happy being able to actually CHOOSE whether I want to shoot a photo in color or B&W! Guh, now I’ve gotta get off my butt and get my day going so I can have a scan party later today. :)