San Francisco (Part II)

April 27, 2011

We started off with our winning combination of St. Francis and Philz, then strolled down to Painted Bird to shop for some shades.

This was the day that I started to suspect Jessica of color coordinating her wardrobe with her neighborhood, after walking by a building that was the same shade of tan as her jacket (remember the turquoise wall?).

I also got an all-too brief chance to meet Diyosa, who is one of my favorite Flickr contacts. She rocks the medium format, and it was an honor to have been shot by her. We first went to the top of Dolores Park (a walk which was not as dreadful as I’d’ve imagined ;), then scarfed ice cream at Bi-Rite, and then she took us to the famed Clarion Alley.

You can see Diyosa’s photos from this day here… and then proceed to browse the rest of her stream, because you really should.

After the mini-meet up we walked a million miles in the Mission, taking in the cute with the weird…

That’s San Francisco for you.

That night Chris and I met with our friend Miller and his gal Renee for dinner and drinks at Bissap Baobab. You have no idea how hard it was to understand that over the phone! They specialize in Senegalese cuisine and everything was delicious and unique from anything else I’ve ever had. Little did we know, they pre-arranged a special birthday dessert for Chris that we all shared: bananas in a butter rum sauce.

Thanks to Jessica for being an excellent tour guide, Diyosa for going out of her way to meet up with us in the city, and Miller and Renee for treating us to dinner.

Photos 8, 12, 14-16 shot by Chris.
Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.8; Nikkor 85mm f/1.8
Actions: Simpler Simon, Darken Rahl, Deja Vu, Time Machine, Grain Storm
Available through K. Miller Actions.

These photos are amazing. I love SF.

oh hi. awesome Diyosa here. :)

completely flattered and it was really great to meet you Kim. Our visit was waaayyyy too short.

and yes. i’m a goddess.

haha. Hopefully not in the Charlie Sheen sense of the word! Yipes! :x

Next time I’m in town, I promise it will be on a weekend day. But seriously, you need to let us Portlanders show you around our fair city sometime. There’s this place near my preferred film lab… They sell pork chops… ON A STICK. And down the street from there – Nutella ice cream. How can you not be on the next flight to Portland right this second?!

just in case you didnt know, diyosa (can be spelled dyosa) means goddess in tagalog one of the many languages in filipino =) and yes, diyosa has always been awesome on flickr she is so freaking goooood!!! lovin the SFO photos entries too!!! =)

Hah!! That is awesome. I wonder how Diyosa feels about being a ~goddess~ ? :D

all your photos are so amazing, whenever I visit I usually get lost looking at all your photos even though I am sure I have seen then 100 times already :) LOVE them

Aw, thank you! Coming from you, that means a heck of a lot. <3

KIM! These photos are absolutely stunning. I saw the pic of you and Jessica and I was like “Are they sisters?!” You guys kinda look alike!

I love how you’ve captured her awesome style and, of course, all the little beautiful details of the shops and buildings. :)

Isn’t Diyosa awesome? Looks like she took you to some quintessential SF places. The Mission is one of my favorite districts.

Yes, she rocks! She is also incredibly generous and gave me a couple rolls of film. I only wish we had more time to hang out and shoot. It was uber brief to the max. And I have to reiterate, why didn’t we get together?! My mind is blown. Next time, I will do SF the right way.

Oh have I mentioned you’re one of my favourite bloggers!! I was so chuffed when you added me back on tumbs and now twitter. These photos are lovely! Today I was trying to decide between Portland and SanFran for a quick spring trip. I think we’re going with Portland, but this is making me wish there were cheaper flights to SF!.

How do you manage to lug around your lenses without hurting your back? I take it you have a sweet camera bag, but are you strategic with what you bring along with you? I’ve taken to using a micro-four thirds camera most of the time, because I always regret lugging around my dslr army and killing my back.

Aw, thank you Leah! That’s so sweet :) Hey! If you guys do decide to come to Portland, we should get together for a little photowalk while you’re in town! Or at the very least stuff our faces at one of Portland’s many food carts.

As for lugging my gear around, I’ve taken to using *emera totes, which I sometimes have the habit of overstuffing. Generally, though, I bring my Rolleiflex, dSLR and either a toy camera if I’m just going out and about (taking time to think about what I’ll be shooting so I can decide which lens to attach to my dSLR). For official shoots I just bring my dSLR and spare lenses. It can sometimes feel a little on the heavy side but I think I’ve gotten used to the weight, it doesn’t really bother me anymore, even on long walks through SF. Plus, if I’m shooting a lot, there’s usually one camera in my hand and that helps lighten the load. :)