Chris & Lindy

March 2, 2011

I love these photos of Chris and his sister, Lindy, playing guitar together during our family visit back in October. In the first shot Chris’s guitar is obscuring the kitty, but L.C.’s bokeh booty is on full display in the second shot.

L.C., by the way, stands for “Lindy’s Cat.” She’s been around for an eon, and then some.

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8C
Film: Kodak Portra 400VC
Scanned from negatives developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

can’t beat film. This is great.

I love love love that second photo. That focus is epic!

so pretty photo. very beautiful shot.

Gorgeous grain. Love the light.

I agree with the blanket comment! Right now, that couch looks about 2300x more comfortable that the one I am sitting on. Which is the same one you are sitting on. You feel me.

Thanks for sharing these. I needed this mood right now.

HAH! Before you even said “which is the same one you are sitting on” I thought in my head “That’s the same one I’m sitting on!” And true that, I can’t wait to bear hug a kitty on that couch come April.

these are so beautiful. medium format at its best!

i am in love with the mood/atmosphere here. and the way the light hits the folds in the blanket! ah!

Thanks Alice! :) Chris’s mom’s house is pretty spectacular for picture taking – great big windows and a ton of trees/shubbery on the property that make for beautiful lighting.