Brunch in an Instant

March 8, 2013

It’s always a struggle trying to decide where to take out-of-town guests on weekend mornings, because if there’s anything Portland loves — it’s brunch. Inevitably, you end up waiting for so long that once you’ve been seated, you’re scanning an entirely different section of the menu than you’d originally intended. One such place that’s recently stolen my heart is Broder, a Swedish restaurant on SE 28th and Clinton. The breakfast bords, the potato crepes… The Mestemacher for your dippy egg! Patience definitely pays off here.

Fortunately, the long waits on weekends are a bit more bearable with a Polaroid camera in one hand, an Aquavit cocktail in the other, and a couple of sweet ladies by your side.

I should mention that this post (and the last one too, actually!) has a rare guest appearance by yours truly. I’m trying to be better about allowing photographic documentation of my existence, since I’m so hellbent on making sure the spirit of everyone else lives on. Or, at the very least, I’d like to stop making faces at the camera that I immediately regret. On this particular day my neighbor and I looked like we walked straight out of a Doublemint commercial. That’s the power of bangs and buns, y’all.

Portland Film Photographer - Polaroid SX70 - Portrait of Richelle at Broder

Portland Film Photographer - Polaroid SX70 - Aquavit cocktail from Broder

Portland Film Photographer - Polaroid SX70 - Portrait of Kelley at Broder

Portland Film Photographer - Polaroid SX70 - Portrait of Kim, Kelley, Dieter and Siggy at Chateau Deluxe

Portland Film Photographer - Polaroid SX70 - Breakfast and an Aquavit cocktail from Broder


Damn, that first portrait — stunning. (Also, I just might show it to my hairdresser to get those bangs!)

I’ve heard about Broder from so many blogs that it’s on my short list of places to go to when I’m in Portland next. It sounds amazing.

You and that Polaroid make magic.
I haven’t been to Broder yet so how about you make it ‘with two other photo geeks’?

Thanks Anne :)

The more the geekier! Let’s make it happen.