I Want It, I Want It, I Want It

June 5, 2009

Earlier this week Allyson let me take her D90 on a test drive. I pretty much fell in love with the video capabilities, but I’m still partial to my D50 when it comes to actually shooting photos. That might change once I get back to Redding and edit the photos I shot on her camera with my lenses.

If there were ever any doubt as to what a huge dork I am (or the dorks I like to keep as company), let these videos be the living proof! I mean, really? Krumping foxgloves? What was I thinking?

Enjoy, and have a nice weekend, y’all!


I need this camera! Right now I just carry around my PowerShot A560 for videos. They certainly don’t come out like this!

I’m Heather, by the way! (heatherica! on flickr) :)

I love these videos… Krumping foxgloves is hilarious ! XD

If you don’t mind me asking, why is it that you prefer your d50 when it comes to shooting? I’m asking only because I feel like my d50 takes so much better photos than my d80, and I can barely explain why! Something with the light and sharpness. D80 takes forever to focus and normally turns out blurry, but with the d50 it’s a guaranteed perfect shot! Oh noes.. sorry for rambling!

That first video is sooo beautiful! I love seeing the wind through the flowers.

Uuuuugh. You are killing me!! I’m pretty excited about the HD video idea. *sigh*