Not Your Average Sunday

September 21, 2011

Six years ago Christina and I got tattoos together as a sort of room-mate girl-bonding thing. Believe it or not, but we walked through the doors of a former Redding tattoo shop to cash in on a Buy One Get One Half Off deal. Yes. At a tattoo shop. Hilarious, I know.

While I was in town we rekindled the old times and we were marked once again…

Mine didn’t take any longer than a couple of minutes to do. In fact, it took Mel more time to clean up from her appointment with Christina than it did to start and finish mine. But after it was all said and done I was left with my third tattoo, a blind contour Chris drew back in college.

Now, when he’s on tour or I’m away on my own, all I have to do is look to my arm and I’ll have him close again. No hearts or ribbons or initials in some cheesy script font – just a few little scribbles that he himself drew while looking upon me. A few little scribbles that I have been in love with for years.

I can’t even express how happy I am to have finally been marked my Mel, too. She’s moved off to New Zealand to be with her husband now, but started an apprenticeship in Redding a few years ago and is an incredible talent and all around wonderful lady. She posts a lot of her progress as a tattoo artist on her Flickr, if you’re interested in seeing more.

My deepest thank-you to both ladies for a wonderful Sunday afternoon. :)


One of the most charming tatts ever?

I love this tattoo. It’s so incredibly sweet and non-discrete…although shame on you for not getting his name on your arm in old english. Next time.

super cool! can’t wait to see it. :)

it really is a tattoo! really cool.