Best Tribute Ever

April 23, 2009

Henry Darger Wrist Cuff

Last week my good friend Jillian invited me to hang out while she got a tattoo of Henry Darger’s Vivian Girls around her wrist. It took hours but was well worth the wait! Mel did an amazing job and I must say, I’m quite jealous.

Henry Darger Wrist Cuff

Funny how addictive tattoos are– you can sit around for hours watching your friend suffer and all it does is make you want one, too!



Mel Metz, Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire

More photos here.


hey, beautiful! What is the name of the tattoo artist/shop?


The tattoo artist is Mel Metz and the shop is Tattooz Ink in Redding, CA — but Ms. Metz lives in New Zealand now.

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this is probably one of the most incredible, unique and BEAUTIFUL tattoos that I have ever seen.

the vivian girls :)
this is adorable~

Was that tatty expensive?! If it took hours I can imagine it would be. IT IS BEAUTIFUL THOUGH!! :)

I’m not sure exactly how much it cost, but the tattoo artist is a friend of ours so I’m sure she got a sweet deal!

решил помочь и разослал пост в соц. закладки. надеюсь поднимется популярность

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Понравилось конечно, буду пользоваться и дальше.

[…] via the awesome summer journal. […]

Im a huge lover of Henry Darger. This is fantastic!

I’m going to get one of darger’s dragons tattooed soon.
So excited! This is beautiful.

Fantastic tattoo idea! I recently became interested in Darger from seeing "In the Realms of the Unreal".

wonderful!!! i would love it to be a part of my folklora ink group. you can see it here:

Hi, I’m an admin for a group called American Tattoos (USA), and we’d love to have this added to the group!

That is amazing! I LOVE Henry Darger! I recognized the Vivian Girls immediately. Kudos to the artist – she did a great job.
And yes, tattoos are toally addictive. Right after I got my second one I was planning my third…

[…] got a wrist cuff of Henry Darger’s Vivian Girls. Her friend wrote about it here. Henry Darger is the most amazing self taught & visionary artist & I recommend the […]

It is a fantastic tattoo! I saw the Henry Darger exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum in New York in December and was captivated by his work and the Vivian Girls. I wish they’d release at least part of those pages in book form, too.

that is quite possibly the *best* tattoo i’ve ever laid eyes on

I did a project in drawing class on Henry Darger’s Vivian Girls! It took me about 35 hours. I wish I had spent that time getting a sweet tattoo of it!

i loive henry darger… he was the inspiration on my second album artwork. that tattoo is amazing!

I love it!
I looks fantastic.
Darger was such a special man. Lovely tribute.

Love that tattoo!

Seen on your photo stream. (?)

awesome tat and so great that you were there to document it!

HEY!…come in WHENever you want….i’d rather discuss tattoos with you gals than anyone else.

Aww, thanks Mel! You will live to regret this, haha ;)


Well, that’s good to know. :)

Wowwee! Beautiful and unique :)

At first I thought this was a temporary tattoo and I got really excited to seek one out. Aw. Ha.

I’m so not a tattoo person but they are so pretty…

It’s a frickin’ sickness!!

But, yes, we should go in together. I wonder when Mel will get sick of seeing us there?

No, I’m sure I want that, but I may want another one first. I guess it would help if actually went in and talked to Mel about it. But I will definitely accompany you whenever you’re ready!

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I ALREADY want another one! I need to get in there and discuss that bookplate. Maybe we can all go in together?

Oh my. Such a precious tattoo.
I wasn’t familiar with Darger, so I Googled him. Fantastic!! Thanks for that. :)

:) Not a great on, either! :

Whoa! I hope you mean reproductions ’cause I might have to pee my pants a little if you didn’t.

Alright, that’s it Kim. You. Me. Tattoos. STAT!

It’s almost like we’re having our own little online party on Kim’s blog. I mean, we were within four minutes of each other there.

I guess we’re both lurkers. :)

You two are the ultimate lurker!

And yes! Me, you, tats, stat! Ready when you are. Are you gonna get the time turner? Or is that still being workshopped?

Great tattoo. My company’s CEO has a collection of Dargers on display at our offices.

i must say, that is excellent ink

that is a gorgeous tat. not a bad pic, either :)


Hahah. I knew you were waiting! For the record, the little girl in the first photo who is sort of isolated from the rest is my absolute FAVORITE.

If only they’d just publish that book. Who cares if it’s 15,000 pages long! Maybe the story would give us and idea of which one she is for sure.

She’s either Daisy, Hettie, Violet, Joice, Jennie, Angeline, or Catherine. I think though that she’s either Hettie or Catherine. Of the small amount of pictures of the girls available online those two have hats on and are smaller. Also I suppose we have to take into consideration that he uses different models for the girls, So, who knows really?!

Can I just say… Those are the best names EVER. I really hope she’s Hettie. I’ve never even heard of that name before!