August 22, 2011

Yesterday I visited the Rogue Hop Farms in Independence, OR as part of a half-business half-pleasure road trip with Allyson, who works for Rogue and had to shoot some merchandise for their mail-order catalog.

Allyson told me not to post the photos of her jumping, so of course they were the first ones I edited…

…Just kidding. I actually think she looks cute in this photo – I saved the truly horrid ones for future blackmail. :P

Much more coming later this week from around the farm, and some behind-the-scenes photos from the merchandise shoot, too!

Camera: Nikon D700
Lens: Nikkor 105mm f/2.8 Micro
Actions: Simpler Simon
Available through K. Miller Actions.

wow love the focus, such a precious detail and amazing light

[https://www.flickr.com/photos/magdelena] That’s awesome. Another Flickereeno friend of mine loves Rogue as well and he lives in… MANILA! So any chance you’d ever plan a trip to Puddletown for a Rogue style vacation?! :D

[https://www.flickr.com/photos/captmouffette] Man, they’re one of my favorite breweries! They’re a little hard to find here in Ohio, but they do get around.

Thank you, everyone!

[https://www.flickr.com/photos/magdelena] Yes! How funny, I had no idea until I posted these photos that Rogue was so popular around the world.

Rogue, as in like, Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale? Mmm, delicious stuff.

Also, what a great blog entry! Every one of those shots is so beautiful and full of warm light. Awesome work.

Oh this is so awesome. We fell in love with Rogue beer when we visited PDX in May, and can’t wait to delve into some once we move in a couple months. Do you know if they do tours of the farm? I didn’t know if you got one just because you were taking pictures. :)

I adore these two photos. She is so cute, and the hop in the hands is gorgeous.

Oh yes, they most definitely do tours! It’s about an hour and a half (ish) drive south of Portland (near Salem, OR) and they do free tours every Sat/Sun at 12pm and again at 4pm! There’s also an onsite B&B – “Beer & Breakfast” – so you can spend the night out the farm, too.

Aw, she is darling! I think one of my favorite things about shooting fashion is having blackmail images of the picturesque models afterwards, haha! Awful, I know. It’s just so funny to see these striking, poised women look so disheveled!

Can’t wait to see more photographs. I’m been dying to go to a farm and take some shots. Hopefully this Saturday it will actually happen: Cory and I want to go berry picking at West Union Gardens.

Hah! You’re terrible! ;) I’d kill to see even half of the blackmail you’ve acquired over the years.

Yesterday I made my second-ever visit to Sauvie Island – I’ll have to look up West Union Gardens so I can get a lil’ variety in there before the rain returns.