May 8, 2011

Last month we were gifted with one beautiful day in a sea of rain, so naturally the whole city seemed to take the day off and make the most of it. These last two shots were taken the day I joined the boys in the park for a game of catch – the other is a van that I always see on my walks home from the market. You can’t tell in this photo, but it has a My Little Pony attached to the front, figurehead style.

This is the first roll of film I’ve gotten back since purchasing a Diana – which I mostly wanted for Instax capability (and then was promptly scared away from after repeated failures) and interchangeable lenses.

The quality reminds me a lot of the last shot I posted, also from this roll; definitely low-fi, and there is a sort of dreaminess to these photos that I don’t think I ever saw with the Holga. Most likely due to my lack of remembering to change the focusing ring.

As I type my right arm is still aching from another game of catch we played with friends just a few days ago. Baseball is serious business! Spend 5 minutes pretending to be a catcher and you’ll have a much deeper appreciation for the position, and the game as a whole. Spend 5 more minutes pretending to be Tim Lincecum and you’ll end up like me – whining for the next week about sore muscles. :)

Camera: Diana+
Lens: Diana+ 75mm
Film: Rollei Retro 100
Scanned from negatives developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

all your photos are so beautiful! I’m really happy to have discovered your blog. I especially like the last shot on this post.

This one is great. Love the eerie feel.

I got much less dreamy effects from the Diana than you did, but I also think that it might be because I was using the 16 frame setting which gives different results.

I also bought the Diana for its Instax back. I felt a little guilty buying such an expensive flimsy camera, but I just loved the Instax so much. I haven’t used it much though, but am planning on giving it another try this summer because the tones were definitely cool.