Irving Park (Part I) // The Party

June 4, 2010

Chris’s birthday was back in April, and as per his usual style, he didn’t want anything except a big party with all his friends. Luckily we live next to Irving Park, and luckily Team Jonas/Day was in town and a good time was had by all.

Pictured above is Luke’s birthday present to Chris: a moustache. I think we can all agree that it was the best gift ever.

Gifts weren’t allowed unless they were of the edible nature. And oh boy, did we chow down (more on that later).

The boys did a very good job of reminding us ladies how much cooler they were than us. And Justin? Well, he just likes renewable energy. We all have our passions in life!

Sada presents my feelings towards their little sports outings perfectly (Not to mention all the Fantasy Baseball talk we had to endure! Guh!).

We did manage to get everyone to gather round for a game of Apples to Apples. I think anyone else who has played this game will relate to Megan’s (second from top) smooth transition from being confounded to delighted.

I wasn’t aware that not everyone played this way, but in the Miller Rule Book, each person has to go around at the end of the game and present the green cards they’ve won as if they were descriptions of themselves. Try it next time you play! It’s good for a laff.

Many a clandestine couples photo was attempted. Only this one survived.

And you know the day didn’t pass without some West Coast/East Coast shenanigans taking place. More on that later!

And, well, I don’t really need to write much more– the photos speak for themselves. We had a great time that weekend, ringin’ in Chris’s birthday. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to join us!

Photo 24 shot by Chris
Some photos processed with new actions: Darken Rahl, Time Machine, Mriswith.
Available soon through Capt. Mouffette’s Photoshop Actions!

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[…] Irving Park (Part I): The Party. Photos 9-16 taken by Meg and processed by me. Some shots processed with a new action, Darken Rahl. […]

Words cannot describe the level of jealousy this string of photos inspires in me! I long for the day I play Apples to Apples with you and Chris! And I LOVE post-game/mid-game winning card personality profiles!

I just found out these pictures existed!

May the good lord bless you

holy WOW. these make me so very happy :DDD

Ok wow, I friggin’ love your processing.

Yay! I love your picnic pictures! They’re always so fun. OMG- Apples to Apples! The best! Happy late Birthday to Chris! :)

looks like a good time!

I’m going to be in Portland this weekend! it’s already too short and I’m still on the plane… so much to do! (and I admit that most of my plans so far are in the “places to eat” category – hah)

looks like so much fun! and gluten free beer? how is that?

Looks fun! That food looks pretty yummy, too.

Ack! I have so many things to say!


1.) I’ve seen some pretty wild and epic face-making in my day, and very few can pull of the wrinkled neck, but Luke’s is pretty high up there!

2.) Ugh. Samoas. Envy.

3.) I love Apples to Apples!! It’s so much more fun when you’re playing with a group of good friends, too. The more the merrier.

These photos are fantastic!