Ben Both Ways

March 28, 2011

(click for larger view)

Apparently I like making Ben pose for portraits in the park before our weekend hangouts are over. These two photos were taken a little over a month apart and, much like making Chris pose on the other side of the park, I didn’t even realize a theme was forming until it was too late.

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8C
Film: Kodak Portra 160NC; Ilford HP5 PLUS
Scanned from negatives developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

[] ME TOO! I love that jacket. Apparently an ex always referred to it as his "hobo jacket." Pshawwww.

[] Aw, thank you! Funny, because I feel the same way about your photos. :) <3

The colors in the other one are so good, as always . Im hoping that by looking at your photos, your pp skill will rub off on me a little .

I love them! But I think I’m torn between which one I like better too. They just have a different feel to them. Can’t wait for an update on Chris’s trip! And I bet you’re thrilled now that he’s back.