Ginger Bokeh

June 2, 2010

These are a few scenes taken at the Campbell Family Reunion we attended about a month ago. Chris is giving moose ears to Ginger, his… Cousin’s daughter. I guess that makes her his second cousin? And my second-cousin-in-law? Er… All that family tree nonsense confuses me to no end!

Oh yeah… And Happy Bokeh Wednesday! It’s a blustery one in Portland today, not exactly my idea of a day off, but I’ll take what I can get.


Its funny how little girls always have wacky bangs like that b/c their moms cut em. Come to think of it I had them two weeks ago b/c I CUT THEM! ;P

HEHE Family is family… 1st cousin, 2nd cousin… they are all cousins, who cares about the number and the in law part ;)

aw cute! Yeah, I never know what to call those relatives. I usually say second cousins, but I’ve also heard that it should be cousins once removed.

What an adorable little girl! We just got back from our lap swim and it started sprinkling here too. =(

Make something new in the kitchen!