Team Jonas/Day

June 1, 2010

About a month ago some friends from the East Coast dropped by for a little Bridgetown Vacation and, though I had to work while they were here, I tried to squeeze in as much hangin’ as possible.

Their first night in town, we all met up at Ground Kontrol, where I learned that I love pinball and am not really too shabby at it, either. I will admit that I did more gabbing with the ladies than pinball playing. Natch.

A couple days later we hit up the triangle of awesome in our neighborhood. We went to sandwich happy hour at Petisco, goofed off inside (and outside of) Goodwill, visited Chris at Broadway Books, and grabbed donuts from my work.

Okay, I guess that’s more of a square than a triangle, but a square of awesome doesn’t have quite the same ring to it!

That weekend, we had a huge party in the park to celebrate Chris becoming an old man, but that day deserves a post of its own due to all the face-stuffin’, chess-playin’, YTAPOMTAPOYin’, etc. Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m slowly but surely gettin’ there! :)


[…] anything except a big party with all his friends. Luckily we live next to Irving Park, and luckily Team Jonas/Day was in town and a good time was had by […]

See I’m so glad this post has nothing to do with what I thought it would (I was afraid of some post about the Jonas brothers lmao). Looks like a fun time was had by all.

Wow pinball with beer holders.. Now that’s an awesome invention.

Hah! Yeah, the two red-heads shown in this post are brothers, and their last name is Jonas, and you can imagine how much fun we all have with that. :)

And I agree! “Barcades” are the greatest invention ever!

love your watermelon (right?) earrings :D

Thank you! And yes, they’re watermelons :)

yayayayyayyyyyyyy! so happy to see these. as i mentioned i’m partial to the GK shots, esp. that badass profile of neal. close runners up include the one of neal and i in GW and the last shot of us on the picnic table. so looking forward to reliving that week again :D

See! Now there’s the justification I needed for taking so long to get through these. The longer I wait, the more satisfying it’ll be to relive all the good times! :D

I’m currently being smothered by a library book due date, but I will try to get the rest up this week, if not in the next couple days!

Nice to see the PBR… that’s our favorite cheap beer in our house ;)