Tyler, Elsa and Zoe | Sneak Peek

October 17, 2010

Yesterday Chris and I had the pleasure of shooting Tyler and Elsa’s small wedding in the meadow at Hoyt Arboretum. If you thought you had a small wedding (which previously, I did), you’ve got nothing on this quaint affair they put together – no one but parents and siblings were present. It was pretty awesome and made for a really intimate ceremony.

This is just a small taste of what’s to come as I’ve barely begun going through all the photos. Happy day, Tyler and Elsa!


Oh, gorgeous! How did you do it? I’m wet behind the ears, guide me if you don’t mind. I’d very much appreciate it.

Looks cute! Can’t wait to see more photos of it.

If I ever do get married, that’s the kind of wedding I want! These photographs are lovely.


Such an adorable couple. Looking forward to seeing more of your pics!

I love seeing unique weddings! This is beautiful.

Thanks everyone!

[https://www.flickr.com/photos/pink_scarf] I know – they were the most adorable couple ever. So much fun to shoot. As for the focus – I added the effect in Photoshop.

I can haz dress? I adore their attire. The focus here is so interesting… almost like tilt shifted or taken with a lensbaby. Yet it was with the fifty? *rubs chin thoughtfully*

Love Tyler’s style with casual wear + bowtie. Looking forward to see more photos.

so cute! i love the idea of a tiny little quaint wedding where i have control over all the details.