Amanda & Chase | Engagement Session in Paris, France

June 11, 2012

Paris Engagement Photographer

For a brief moment I planned on cramming all of our epic adventures in Paris into one gigantic post. But I’m out of town for the next week, and decided to break our two days with Amanda and Chase into a few installments.

Our first day together actually started most accidentally — we bumped into each other on the Pont Lous-Philippe while we were all killing time before checking into our hotels. Leave it to Paris to have a photo session start off in the most magical way possible. The rest of the day followed suit, and was a super casual pre-cursor to all the awesomeness that would follow, come morning.

Our wanderings didn’t take us too far from our hotels off Rue de Rivoli, and mostly involved finding something to eat and somewhere to buy a curling iron on a Sunday afternoon. It always feels so luxurious when I get to spend a day getting to know my clients better, before the nerves set in.

This day was pure, low-key fun — just two couples wandering the streets of Paris together. Couldn’t have planned it better if we tried, which we did. Obviously La Ville-Lumière had other ideas in mind for us.

Portland Portrait Photographer - Couple by Paris Statue

Destination Paris elopement - Couple Looking at Metro Map

Paris, France - Couple Crossing the Street

Portland portrait Photographer - Couple wearing sunglasses

Portland Portrait Photographer - Pizza in Paris

Paris Engagement Photographer - Paris elopement

Paris Engagement Photographer - Jardin du Luxembourg - Paris Elopement

Destination Paris Elopement - Jardin du Luxembourg

Portland Portrait Photographer - Couple Pose by French Billboard

Paris Engagement Photographer - Paris Elopement

Portland Portrait Photographer - Paris Elopement

Portland portrait photographer - Paris elopement

Portland portrait photographer - Paris elopement

Paris elopement - French graffiti - Cupid

Portland lifestyle photographer - Couple walking through Paris, France

Portland portrait photographer - Paris elopement - Bubbles

Paris Engagement Photographer - Paris elopement - Bubbles

The real fun starts tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Such a great pics…Really stunning work.!

Some of these look like they are shot in direct sun at high noon! How did they come out so wonderful and not stark white? Surely, you didn’t use a reflector or flash. Btw, your talant has transformed crazy ridiculous over the past year! Gorgeous stuff really.

man alive. you are so freaking talented. i know i say that for every post i comment on, but sheesh.
i think they just keep getting better, and better (didn’t even think that was possible).
you are a huge inspiration to me, thanks for always sharing your fabulous work. :)

Love it! Such fun portraits (and I love their glasses).

Ahhh! Kiiimmmm!!

How funny you all ran into one another! So meant to be because these shots are lovely! So excited to see the rest…

so ridiculously good. the black and white ombre-y one is blowing my mind.