Keli & Erik | Multnomah County Courthouse Wedding | Portland, OR

January 2, 2012

Multnomah County Wedding Photographer

You know what’s hard? Making downtown Portland look empty, 3-days before Christmas. You know what’s not hard? Photographing this awesome couple. Chris and I were honored to tag along as wedding photographers for Keli and Erik’s short-but-sweet wedding at the Multnomah County Courthouse.

I really love it when we get to photograph small affairs like this. Generally speaking, the nerves and stress are toned down and more emphasis is put on having a good time and being with family — you’d have to be the Grinch himself to not feel the love. I’ll drink to that!

And while a Pacific Northwest wedding in December might not sound like the safest best, I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year than to marry the love of your life.

Congrats, you two!

Hotel Monaco Portland: Wedding Preparation

Hotel Monaco Portland: Groom

Multnomah County Wedding Photographer

Multnomah County Wedding Photographer - Hotel Monaco Portland: Bride and Groom

Multnomah County Wedding Photographer

Multnomah County Wedding Photographer

Multnomah County Wedding Photographer

Multnomah County Wedding Photographer

Multnomah County Court House Wedding

Multnomah County Court House Wedding: Kiss the Bride

Multnomah County Court House Wedding: Bride signing documents

Downtown Portland Wedding: Bride and Groom

Portland Oregon Arlene Schnitzer: Bride and Groom

Downtown Portland Wedding: Food Carts

Downtown Portland Wedding: Reception at Cacao

Pioneer Square Wedding: Bride and Groom

Downtown Portland Wedding: Bride and Groom


Gorgeous wedding and beautiful story you told through your imagery!!

Oh I love the one of them by the lamppost! Reminds me of Paris :)

They are ADORABLE!! I love love love her dress.

You captured their emotion so beautifully!

A lovely series of images!

Love the approach here with the soft and easy photojournalism. I felt like I was there!

Oh I just ADORE the intimacy of these images…they are so sweet and they make me feel all melty inside!

These are stunning. The bride looks like Carey Mulligan, and I am in love with her! Love that shot of them in the elevator.

Beautiful coverage and lovely bride, she is so classic, I just adore her!! Wonderful work.

Small, intimate and oh so perfect. Great job!

My fiancé and I are getting married in Portland this May, and like Keli & Erik, we are also having an intimate ceremony at the courthouse. I was starting to second-guess this decision, but after seeing these photos, I think our plans are just perfect! Their wedding ceremony was simple, understated, elegant, and exuded sooooo much warmth and love. Well done on the photos and congratulations to them!

Terrific photos! You did a wonderful job of capturing the love between Keli and Erik and also capturing the happiness of the day!
Thanks for also making many of the group shots available in black and white.

I love this! They look so happy and I love the details and just everything :D

And her dress is amazing, I looove it! What a cute couple :)

Urocze! Dawno nie widziałam tak fajnej sesji ślubnej:)

Keli—you stated that this was the world’s smallest wedding. I must add the world’s sweetest wedding! You radiate! I love your simple elegant wedding dress and perfect bridal bouquet. You and Erik look so happy! These photos warmed ours hearts. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Aw, thank you so much, Kay and Scott. It really is a day that seems to glow in my memory – our plans were pretty vague, but somehow every little thing seemed to fall into place (including the darn dress I should have started making much earlier). Being married to Erik definitely makes me feel luckiest of all, but it really was nice to get a happy day to remember (and beautiful pictures to remind us).

I should say that Erik deserves credit for the bouquet. I love flowers, but I felt like they were optional, so I’m so glad he ran out to a florist – I think they add so much to the photos. :)

I love these so, so much. They radiate such warmth, such love, and such a genuinity. You have nailed their souls or something. High-five, you.

So well done, Kim. Radiating with love, interesting points of view and composition.

Awww, congratulations Keli and Erik! First off, her dress is so lovely, ah! The pictures in the park with that magical light, breathtaking! They look so comfortable and happy. I’m happy to see that even the otters dressed up for the occasion.

My favorite images is the final black and white. Their smiles are infectious. I can tell how lucky they feel to be husband and wife.

Amazing job, as always ;)

This post made me a little teary eyed! This is exactly the kind of wedding day I always pictured myself having.

Oh my lord, Kim. These are precious. My absolute favorite photo is the one of them standing on different sets of stairs in the courthouse, with Keli in the front and Erik behind her out of focus. SO beautiful. I agree that this is the perfect Portland wedding!

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love your work, happy new year xx

what a lovely little wedding, beautiful couple with a great style. love the brides dress. wonderful photos. you captured how happy they are and that they love each other very much.

Your photos are marvelous, Kim! Thank you for capturing the love and joy we all felt that day…

You made it look as wonderful as my memories. Thank you so much, Kim (and Chris)!

I know what I’m going to see every time I glance at Keli’s laptop screen over the next week!

I’m really loving the two backlit shots with the park in the background. Looks like we’re going to have to go frame shopping soon.