Lizzie and Eric | The White House | Portland, OR

June 19, 2010

A Redding White House Wedding

Lizzie & Eric’s wedding was one of the best I’ve ever been to… And I’m not just saying that because they had a chocolate fountain and a fruit mountain, or because that rhymes, or because “wedding in Redding” rhymes, either.

It was the “we just want everyone to have fun” kind of celebration, complete with opera-themed table arrangements, ridiculously good karaoke (including an opening performance of “Umbrella” by the bride and groom) and, oh yeah– that good ol’ Redding heat!

The family photos were my favorite. In lieu of displaying photos of the bride and groom they had a table full of past generations’ memorable moments. Very sweet.

For a dork like me, the temptation at weddings to take pictures of people taking pictures is absolutely irresistible.

Speaking of irresistible…

Other memorable karaoke performances include Don’t Stop Believin’, Wannabe, Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend and my personal favorite, Love Shack. The brother to the bride does an unbelievable Fred Schneider impression.


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Lovely photos, lovely couple, all the best to them.



When me and Matt get married you are taking our photos ok?

If we have a wedding that is :P

So beautiful – both your photography and the wedding itself! Never would have thought of purple & yellow but I love it!

This is so pretty! I love the flowers.

Oh my gosssh, these are SO wonderful, Kim!!! I love your wedding photos because they make me feel like I’m actually a guest- you don’t miss a single detail! I don’t know who I’ll be marrying, when or where.. all I know is you’re the photographer!! :D

Aw, thank you Katie! So long as Stanley is the ring bearer, I’m THERE. :P