Amanda & Chase | Sneak Peek

June 3, 2012

When Amanda emailed me last winter asking if I’d be interested in flying out to Paris to document her and Chase eloping in the Gardens of Versailles, I put on my best Jim Carrey face and said, “GEE. Let me think… Um, SURE!

It turned into a 2-day bonanza that started off with us accidentally bumping into each other on the Pont Louis-Philippe and ended in the courtyard of the Louvre, where we soaked up as much daylight as we could before calling it a night.

Of course, the scenery in Paris just begs for bokeh panoramas — here’s a few of my favorites from our two days together.

Elopement in the Gardens of Versailles - Paris Photographer

Elopement at the Eiffel Tower - Paris Photographer

Elopement at the Louvre Courtyard - Paris Photographer

Gardens of Versailles, the Eiffel Tower, and the Louvre. I think that sums it up nicely — but of course there is so, so much more to come!


F***** Amazing! Oh yeah….that awesome. :-) So happy they chose you do their wedding. Perfect.

oh my! What an amazing experience! Gorgeous photos…..please post more very soon!!

Yeah, that must’ve been a tough decision. :) Loooooooove, can’t wait to see more!

Ok, all of these shots are awesome, but I think the second one just about made my heart stop. Hold on…gotta wipe a tear…
Really though, I can’t wait to see the rest. You should be super proud of these!!!!

So beautiful! My god. The couple, the scenery, the shots! FUCKIN MAGIC BARS MAN!

that middle image is one of the coolest photos I’ve ever seen.

that second shot is mind blowing. so magical. dang i can’t wait to see them all!

Oh man, what an adventure! So freakin beautiful.

FABULOUS! I can’t wait to see more!

you are amazing. i cannot wait to see the rest!! :D

holy shit! these are beyond amazing.

WOW. Those look fantastic. I want to see more now :)

that 2nd shot is incredible. i cannot wait to see the rest of the photos.

These shots are KILLER!!! Out of a magazine, only better.