Harlowe (II)

February 21, 2012

Before I get to the candid stuff I wanted to share the rest of our promo shots from my day in the mountains with Harlowe and the Great North Woods. I know the snowball frames are probably going to be everyone’s favorite, but I’m particularly fond of the portraits I took of each member on their own, sans snow in the face. A rare moment of peace amongst a group of rowdy boys, if you will. :)

The last photo is actually completely candid, but I couldn’t stop myself from using it as a segue into the next post, which will be comprised mostly of photojournalist style portraits (ie., snowball fight!).

Harlowe and the Great North Woods - Portland Band Photographer

Harlowe and the Great North Woods - Portland Band Photographer

Portland Band Photographer

Portland Band Photographer

Harlowe and the Great North Woods - Portland Band Photographer

Harlowe and the Great North Woods - Portland Portrait Photographer

Mark Robertson - Portland Portrait Photographer

Bob Reynolds - Portland Portrait Photographer

Andrew Campbell - Portland Portrait Photographer

Chris Miller - Portland Portrait Photographer

Portland Band Photographer

Harlowe’s next show will be alongside another wonderful Portland band, Great Wilderness, at the Doug Fir Lounge on March 14th.


[…] the title suggests, these are rough drafts. Be sure to check out my two official posts with Harlowe and the Great North Woods and the resulting […]

You’re blowing my damned mind.

hahaha! I love these so much. I know exactly what I’m doing next time I go to the snow: hurl a snowball at the wife and take a picture…wait, that might not work out so well for me…

These have me as blown away as Harper & Wes’ series of shots. Officially taking second place in my Favourite Posts by Kim.

That 5th one down totally looks like an album cover! And the snowball shots are just too fun! Lovely images.

I love seeing your photos. Not only can I keep up with my brother’s family, but they are wonderful pics. You are amazing!

Aww, thanks Rochelle! :) I know we say this a lot, but Chris and I are really hoping to come visit you guys soon. We miss y’all like the dickens!

Slowly getting caught up on my blog reading, so I’m a bit late with this. But damn, this is awesome! I love those snowball shots, for sure. I also love that first vertical. Such cool shots. (And how FUN!)

Awww, these are fantastic! Especially the snowball reaction shots.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

The snowball series is fantastic. I love their expressions and how differently they seem to have reacted: happy, surprised, serene, Buddhist monk.
The individual portraits are really great, too! Are you using them for an album release? A poster?

Great promotional photos – I like Part 1 and Part 2

Kim, you’ve really outdone yourself with these. Magical is quite the perfect word, actually, and I think if I were the band I would nevver want anything else but you to photograph my promos!

I’ve loved this entire series so, so much. You chose such a magical setting and I love the pops of color that everyone is wearing. Everything looks that much more vibrant in that sea of white. You are also inspiring me to try the Brenizer Method, which I have been too intimidated to try.

P.S., it looks scary, but is actually pretty easy. You could try it right now, on a mug in your kitchen if you wanted to! Just shoot in JPG and then load all the photos into this program: https://www.cs.bath.ac.uk/brown/autostitch/autostitch.html The software is free, so all you have to lose is a few actuations on your dSLR and maybe 20 minutes of your Tuesday night. I say do it! :)

Thank you, Jade!

I’ve been planting the seed of an informal “workshop” for Portland peeps who want to do some more hands-on learning about bokeh panoramas. I’ll be sure to let you know if anything comes of it!

Love. Love. LOVE. You are incredible. These are incredible. I hope I can make it to Doug Fir!