Keli & Erik | Engagement Session in Southeast Portland, OR

November 10, 2011

No one could’ve predicted the streak of sunshine we’ve been soaking up in Portland this month. I was sure when we booked this portrait session with Erik and Keli that it’d be the last gorgeous day in Portland for months to come (I’m so dramatic, I know). We scheduled a late-afternoon session in hopes of soaking up the golden hour…

Literally, as Chris and I walked down the street to catch the bus to their neighborhood, the clouds started rolling in and the light dimmed. Instead of a golden hour, we got a grey hour. Oh, Portland!

But we still had a great time shooting the adorable, now engaged (ow-OW!), couple in the Southeast last week, in spite of the weather’s twists and turns. These are just a few of my favorite shots from our hour and a half together.

Photos 12 and 19 shot by Chris

I truly love all of your photos! They’re simple yet very lovely to look at!
Are you using D300 for this shooting? and what lenses are you using for this amazing shots?

Thank you so much! This session was shot on a D300, I’m not sure the lenses exactly but I usually stick to some combination of 50mm f/1.8, 85mm f/1.8 and 105mm f/2.8 Micro lenses.

Love how they’re wearing the perfect fall colors! Such a sweet and comfy/cozy session, seems like their clothes totally reflect their relationship with each other. :)

I love the one of them leaning against the tree! And also the close-ups of their faces.

This series is great Kim. In many farmes, I’ve got the feeling they are looking straight at me through the photo (and not only at you, the photographer, in the very moment the frame was shoot). That is so much presence.

They are epically glowing. For reals. You have captured such a wonderful genuine truth in them. I am delighted by these. No trickery, no gizmos no props, just pure warmth and love. Dig.

These photos make me smile. Hooray for you both!

that sweater more than makes up for the lack of golden light. they look like such a sweet couple.

also, your “ow-OW” literally made me LOL.

lastly, i’d like her boots, please. thank you, much appreciated.

Aww! These two are so adorable. You may not have gotten the golden hour, but those golden leaves + sweater are awesome! Great shoot as always! =)

I love these. So pretty.

They look like a wonderful couple, congrats! The photos are beautiful, agreed that second-to-last one is just a great portrait, but the overhead of her hand on his shoulder… wow!

Yay! I think the second-to-last one is my favorite. :) And the B&W one of Erik smiling like he means it! Thank you so much.

beeyootiful as always. i want a sweater in that exact yellow color. hell i want everything in that yellow.

BEAUTIFUL KIM KIM!!!! I’m seriously booking a shoot with you when we visit!