SF Souvenir

May 15, 2012


I only have a few hours left in the city before heading back up to Portland, but I was just emailed a copy of my tintype portrait from Photobooth SF and wanted to share it. I’ve made a lot of lighthearted jokes about how I look in this photo (“Ninja Turtle Coal Miner’s Daughter” was my fave) but the truth is, I’m absolutely blown away by the feeling and detail that this process evokes. I’m forever grateful to Michael and the team behind Photobooth SF who make this possible for the masses.

And I think that might be my favorite part of all — how accessible this is. Sure, it costs $60, but considering they’re the only studio in the world to offer this service they’re definitely in the position to charge whatever they want. But still, it remains affordable. And there is no discrimination against who can get one made (unless you’re a crazy pet owner, so I hear ;).

Plus, they offer you beer while you wait. I didn’t have one, but it’s definitely the thought that counts.

Thank you, Photobooth SF, for the best souvenir of any trip I’ve ever been on. I’ll definitely be back for more tintypes the next time I’m in your beautiful city.


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Awesome! Sad I missed the chance to see it in person. I was, um, a little distracted.

Wow, this is incredible! This place will definitely be a must stop next time I’m in San Fran!

So intense and deep this is, Kim. You look like coming out of the screen! And yes, details are amazing..

Mr. Shindler never fails to impress, and this frame is no exception. Always love the raw details that are captured in these tintypes (my wife’s was a freckle explosion and I love it). Whenever I get mine done, I’m gonna make sure I don’t shave for like 5 days first ;)

You already know how much I am pinning for one of these portraits! You look like a beautiful badass, I love it! Hopefully I’ll have one of these (and one of Cory and I together) by this time next year!

I LOVE it! I need to go get mine done this summer…on a day when I’m blemish free. haha The amount of detail they capture is amazing.

This is ridiculously cool. The detail is incredible. I want one!