Ode to Humboldt

September 21, 2009

These photos are from a drive down CA HWY 299 in January ’08 and December ’07. Granted, a lot of these are in Trinity County… But who’s counting? The happy green one is from way back before I knew what a blown highlight was.

I look at these whenever I miss the mountains… Which is a lot, lately. Especially since it appears as if the majority of Oregonians think that it’s all fun in the sun in California. Allow me to provide visual evidence that– yes! It rains and snows in California! ;)

Once, on a drive home from camping in Bandon, a lady in a deli told me to “enjoy the redwoods” before I head back to California. Someone should tell her the redwoods go all the way down to Santa Cruz!

I used to know a Wisconsin who thought everyone in California surfs… But Oregon? C’mon! You’re our neighbors– you should know better!


aw bummer, is there any way to see them larger?

oooh my goodness. i think one of these is definitely gonna have to be a macbook background. :) (quite the honor! i only change it for the best! ahaha)
seriously, these are beautiful, especially from a car…AND to make them all so original and unique from one another :)

It’s the mitten because the “mainland” part of michigan looks like a mitten! then the upper peninsula (UP) is separated, yet still michigan ;)

michigan is so pretty.

These make me miss Humboldt soooooo much! I love the way the fog clings to the mountainsides!

These are BEAUTIFUL! They almost make me crave winter!

These are gorgeous. The one of fog coming through the trees (the square one) took my breath away!

These are such beautiful photos.

Thanks Yulanda! I was thinking of you yesterday. Hope you’re doing well. <3

gah, I miss the mountains so much, too. we had such a great time driving through the forest on our way to PDX recently. so many cabins in the middle of the woods, but I must admit I’d be a little freaked to actually live there.

Was that Wisconsin native actually *ME*?

Hahah! NO! But I did think of you while I wrote this post ;)

I didn’t even know you were from Wisconsin– you haven’t lived in MI forever?

Oh i have lived in the mitten 4-evah. No doubt about that! Jossette on the other hand grew up there for a period of time.

Oh i just saw that and the remark reminded me of something i might have said to you at one time. In fact i thought i had mentioned something about all Californians being surfers (how delusional… Like pretzels being made out of wood or something)…

Where in the mitten?! I spent the last 6+ years in Traverse City!

I want to live where those pictures are. That’s near Humboldt? I am going to move there.

Rochester, MI. It’s 40 minutes outside Detroit. Metro Detroit i guess you might say.

I love Traverse City. It’s a beautiful town. I go up there every year for the Film Festival and then sometimes for Labor Day with friends.

Can I just say that I LOVE that Michigan is known as “The Mitten” to you guys? L-o-v-e it!

Also, I don’t remember any surfer comments but once a long time ago you did say something like “California has mountains?!” :P