February 14, 2012

If you’re just tuning in, I quit my day job back in October to pursue photography full-time. At least, that’s the spiel I always dole out. Really, though, I quit my day job back in October to pursue life and my own personal happiness. Sometimes when I haven’t seen a friend in a long time, when we reconnect the first thing they usually ask me is, “How are things since you quit your job?”

I only wish I could just refer them to this post and these photos. I can’t tell you how much I love having my mornings back. All to ourselves. Just me, Chris, the cats and a rain spattered window. To not be the first one awake (for once); To lazily roll over and touch our toes together as if to say “Good morning”; To be lured into the kitchen by the smell of coffee; To know that our days can take us as far as our imaginations are willing to stretch…

…But usually, we just settle for a cup of coffee and a good book.

Portland Oregon Lifestyle Photographer - Man Sleeping in Bed

Portland Oregon Lifestyle Photographer - Man Sleeping with Cat

Life is good, friends. Life is real good.


Thanks for sharing, Kim!! Have followed your work for some years and every time I see your name I know I’m gonna love the pics!
Recently came back to “you” through your website (was disconnected for a while) and read your post on how you quit your day job. I thank you for those words… it helped me a lot, I needed it and I needed that inspiration. I need to start seeing things differently and your work (and even the place you live in!) inspire me so much.
I’m glad you’re happy, enjoying your time and your own life, the one you draw every day and every morning.
Keep on, girl! ;)

Ps. Don’t you get freezing cold sleeping by the window!? Although it must be amazing!!! :D

Emma, thank you so much! I’m happy that my post was able to help and inspire you on your own path to happiness. :) As for sleeping by the window — it’s so funny! I’ve gotten so many comments about it. I’m a very “hot” person, so I will wake up in a sweat every night if it weren’t for the window! Plus, the ambient noises (wind, cars, etc) from outside help me fall asleep. I really can’t do it any other way!

This is a gorgeous post. I love the goal of pursuing life and personal happiness and agree wholeheartedly. I too took those steps to put health and happiness first with my husband’s full support and it is a blessing for both of us. Your mornings sound lovely.

I’d like one day to be enough brave to do what you did: I love my job but not waking up every day at 6.30am and coming back home at 8pm when the train is on time (unfortunately that doesn’t occur very often :-/).
I can meet my boyfriend only on weekends and this is very frustrating. Also because I’m so tired that I usually end up sleeping on the couch while watching a movie.

Oh good lord these are the sweetest words and photos! That would definitely be something I would look forward to A LOT if I was my own boss all the time. :)

love this post. so heartfelt and well-written. (and my cat does the same thing to my husband!)

I know just what you mean. I feel so blessed that Cory and I get to share the time that we get to spend that many couples don’t get because of being tied down to specific job hours. It is a real blessing.

Love this set of pictures and I think I share the same fear as Sara, haha!

Seriously! I used to feel guilty sleeping in or just not getting out of bed until super late in the morning, but working all those 5am shifts over the last couple of years has really made me savor the mornings these days.

Hear hear! I only wish I could get up earlier to enjoy more of the morning. J and I are sooo not morning people.

I love love love sleeping lover photos. And I’d put our bed by the window but I’d be terrified that I’d wake up and freak out, thinking that I’m falling out the window!

You guys are funny! How would you fall out the window? I suppose if the bed was parallel to the window it MIGHT be possible… Then again, I’m short but I’m not THAT short! :P

It’s noon and I’m still bleary-eyed from having to pry myself out of bed at 6am to be at job I hate. Time to make plans to enjoy life.