Diana vs Rollei

June 5, 2011

I really enjoyed the last time I did this – mixing three variations of the same scene, all shot with different cameras. Breaking rules feels good, especially when they’re your own self-imposed rules.

So here’s two different looks at a pile of firewood in my MIL’s backyard, both shot on film. I don’t know why the toy camera shot is so crooked, it looks like I was fall-down-drunk and decided to shoot a picture on my way to the asphalt!

Click the thumbnails to view full-size.

Diana+, 75mm

Fuji Pro 400 H
April 23, 2011 || 4:10 PM

Rolleiflex 2.8C

Kodak TMY 400
April 23, 2011 || 4:15 PM


the Rolleiflex shot is gorgeous! i’d love to own a medium format camera like that but i can’t justify the cost and hassle of getting the film developed. i get enough filthy looks as it is when i hand in 35mm.

Thank you! Good deals can be had on eBay, but it’s true that developing the film can be a pain. I’m lucky to have a few places in my city that will develop for reasonable costs, but they’re still a long bus ride away. Why on Earth would anyone give you dirty looks for shooting in 35mm though?! That’s just insane!

Because the only places that develop film that are within 30 miles of me are small chemists that have one little machine and usually they’re worked by teenagers who hate their job. It doesn’t inspire me to trust them with my photos :-/

Aw! That stinks! My hometown is very small and until I went to college I had to let the likes of Wal-Mart develop my 35mm film, or else it was nothing at all, so I feel your pain. ;_;

I love the Rollei shot! (Though, to be fair to Diana, I think she’s great for her own style of shots.) They both serve different artistic purposes. =)

Thanks :) I’m with ya. To be honest the Diana shots don’t really speak to me most of the time, I just shoot with it because it’s fun, convenient and every once in awhile I get a shot I REALLY like. I think I need to experiment more with double exposures, since it’s so easy to do. And also stop shooting in color – I don’t think I like it on the Diana!

That Rolleiflex photo is gorgeous! Some day I hope to get my hands on one of those cameras. I’ve got a Diana too and ever since I got my Lubitel I haven’t really used it much. Maybe I’ll play around with it some more…

Thank you! I’ve never used a Lubitel before but isn’t it similar to a Rolleiflex? I’d love to see some of the shots you’ve taken with it!