Phở Văn

April 25, 2010

I have to admit I’ve never gotten too excited about pho before. Chris and I had it a handful of times while in Thailand, but it was always at this weird chain fast food style restaurant, so I had a feeling there was certainly better pho to be had. Still, it just seemed like noodles in brothy water. Yummy, but nothing to write home about.

Or so I thought, anyway…

On Chris’s birthday we checked out Phở Văn on Hawthorne for lunch, which my best friend has mentioned a few times. We were lucky to be there on a Wednesday, as all pho is $6, large or small.

To celebrate the lunch special we ordered an appetizer, Gỏi Cuốn: rice paper rolls with shrimp, pork, vermicelli noodles, mint leaves, bean sprouts, lettuce, chives and a side of peanut sauce.

We also ordered a few Vietnamese coffees, which I have been dying to try for almost ever. It lived up to the hype and beyond as being silky smooth and sweet but with a strong coffee presence as well.

Our food was served with mung bean sprouts, fresh basil, jalapeno slices and lime on the side. I was timid about the jalapeno, but they really add a nice little zing to the broth.

I had the Tái Nạm (steak), Ben had the Bò Viên (beef meatball– his favorite, but it makes me squirm), I think Chris had Phở Gà (chicken) and Katie had some crazy looking seafood and noodle soup in lieu of pho.

And of course I couldn’t resist taking photos of us slurping up our noodles. Ben was the only champ willing to put on a show for me.

Thanks, Ben! For the fun photos and for the awesome new food addiction.

Photo 4 shot by Chris
Photos 8 and 10 shot by Ben

My high school roommate was half Thai and tried take me to several pho restaurants before I finally agreed to eat there. I was soooo skeptical. “Soup isn’t a meal!” But once I finally tried it, I was hooked! My favorite part of pho is the plate of goodies that they bring to add to your soup. My pho is always completely full of bean sprouts.

I’m so terribly timid when it comes to spicy food, but these photos look lovely!

Seriously, ME TOO! The food wasn’t spicy at ALL, though. The jalapenos didn’t make it overpowering, especially since it was just two little slices in a huge bowl of broth (and they’re on the side so you can omit ’em if you want!). If you’ve never had pho, give it a whirl! So good.

that looks good! :) I love all the pics!!

oooh looks awesome! and i loooove Vietnamese coffee. you always make me hungry! heh

These pictures are sooo great and yummy! The next time I am in Portland, I will already have a full list of places to eat, thanks to you! :D

Yum, god timing on this post!! The husband just placed an order for take out pho at a Thai place down the street.

omg! pho is one of my favorite foods in the world! cure all for EVERYTHING! NOMNOMNOM