February 22, 2011

See? I told you he was too cool for family photos.

This is Danny, Chris’s sister’s husband. He’s kind of like a big, hairy version of me. That isn’t tone deaf. How we both weaseled our way into this family of mild mannered blondies is a mystery to me.

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8C
Film: Kodak Portra 400VC
Scanned from a negative developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

Oh no! I haven’t heard a thing about this auto-correcting nonsense. How have I not noticed? Now I’m worried and confused and worried and confused. and worried.

[] I think it is. It’s only recently that I’ve noticed it on my photos, anyway. Super frustrating. It’s like the equivalent of a photo lab "auto-correcting" your photos before printing. Is that the future of Flickr? I sure hope not. :/

[] you’re right, I’ve seen nothing too, but I’m quite sure the upload is degrading my pictures more than before.

By the way, is this auto-sharpening a fairly new thing with Flickr? I find it kind of outrageous that they do that, and don’t allow for it to be individually disabled if so desired. Funny, I searched groups discussions, and I’ve seen hardly any comments on this. I’m surprised more people in the Flickr community aren’t up in arms about it.

Hahahaha. My husband bought that stuff just because he loved the name and it’s actually really good. He kept the bottle and refuses to let me get rid of it.

Loooove this photo.

[] hah, yeah, that’s where our parents live – the rest of the family is in Santa Rosa / Sac area, so we all meet in the middle for get togethers.

[] Good to know. We didn’t actually buy it – we were looking for something else, but the label was undeniably awesome.

haha once I tried shooting a similar photo and a manager sprang out of thin air and kicked me out the store…fuckers…but nice photo :)

kraken. interesting.. i like it…wait, were you in redding?

I saw that at the grocery store for the first time yesterday.

i just tried this the other day :) delicious spiced rum!

ooh i like the colors in this!

wow i clicked to your film lab’s site, and holy crap do they beat nyc’s prices! i’ve paid $10 to process a roll of 120 before and $8 for a 35mm. jeez!!!!

Holy crap. Are you serious? That’s insane! I’d definitely be forced to shoot a lot less film if that were the case. There’s gotta be a cheaper lab in your area…?!

yeah but STILL, now i’m paying like $6-7 for 120. scanning prices are ludicrous so i won’t even touch that. boooo. :(

That’s about what I pay, too. It can definitely eat a hole in the checkbook. One look at those scanning prices and I was on the B+H site looking for a scanner of my own!

I will, however, never again underestimate the value of having my negs cut and paged. Scanning’s already a pain in the ass, don’t need to add curly negs to the mix, hah!