Lost Lake

August 12, 2012

[…] someone who’s terrified of open water, I spent a lot of time hanging out around the rivers, lakes and oceans of the Pacific Northwest this summer. It always seems like such a novel idea to pack up […]

Did you use your actions on these photos, and if so, which? :) I love the look of this photo: https://www.kimsmithmiller.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/portland-lifestyle-photographer-lost-lake-mt-hood-09.jpg

Oh, Kim, those are beautiful! The one of your friend swimming with I’m-not-sure-what-mountain in the background is so incredible!

It. Is. A. Maze. Ing. Magic, lady.
Three years? You must feel pretty foolish, now. GOD I WISH I LIVED IN OREGON!!!

I wish you lived in Oregon, too. :)

Lovely photos :)
I think we often underestimate what (and also who) we have close to us.
This summer I was forced to look differently at my town because I had no money to travel and go on vacation. So I stayed in my hometown and discovered some pretty things I hadn’t notice before ;)

O.M.G water, tan lines, jean jacket, roots, frog, Chris on that log. Kim, these are stunning and showcase summer to the MAX! Love ya!