Party Time, Excellent

September 5, 2011

It’s Labor Day Weekend in the US and most of us are enjoying a 3-day weekend up in here. I worked yesterday morning, but I can’t complain – since Chris left on tour with Harlowe I’ve started gorging myself accordingly on all manners of comfort food. Today I plan on getting root-beer drunk in the park with friends. I might even squeeze some reading in, too (I’ve finally gotten back in the groove and have developed some new found favorites in Westeros).

Yep… No complaints at all.

These photos are actually from the 4th of July. Even with the help of August Break 2011, I’m still that far behind! At this rate I’ll likely be writing about today’s festivities come Christmastime… Yeesh.


Love the blog photos, really nice set of photos.

Awe, I love these photos though, no matter how old! If you don’t mind me asking, how long will Chris be touring? Zach might need to tour after he finishes his album and I totally feel where you are coming from!

Of all the years we’ve been together Chris is yet to go on tour for more than a couple weeks… This time it’s ~10 days (with a few hectic days before that of us seeing each other for a couple hours a day while they prepared for the tour). I miss him, and the cats miss him (as noted by their inability to sleep anywhere but his spot on the bed!) but I have to admit it is also nice for both of us to have some time to ourselves and our separate lives, and of course I’m so happy for the continual success of Harlowe! But it is hard, especially come dinner time, bed time and morning time… Everything in between is easy peasy. ;)

Awe, I love it! And I completely agree! Time apart is always a good thing; the meeting back up is that much sweeter then. But yes, I know when Zach is away it’s always the hardest to fall asleep and then wake up to an empty bed – but Norman totally sleeps where his pillow is while he’s away. I just thought it was nice to see someone else go through things that I have gone through (very briefly) and what I will go through in the future (hopefully, when they get the album done!).

checking out your blog pictures, i also like the one on your friend smiling and the other the friend pointing. great photos all around. :-}

Dayum girl, that second picture is just NUTS. Lighting is insane. Awesome set. Happy Labor Day. :)

Beautiful tonality, rich darkness yet not too dark/underexposed. Whish I could shoot film like that.

I always feel a wee bit of guilt looking at all unscanned film rolls I have lying arund at home. Sometimes I feel very creative and think what the h! let’s develop a roll (ignoring the fact there’s some developed to scan already). And so I do. And hang it to dry. And forget about it. And then it all starts over.

I do the same exact thing except I actually get to the scanning, then the photos sit in a folder on my hard drive until there is a long list of folders and I’m just like, doing the same thing- happily snapping away whatever film’s currently in my camera, haha. Vicious cycle!

Oh, major blog envy! I’m loving this new design!! (And these photos.) We had picnic plans today but it ended up being gloomy and quite windy. =( Bummer!

Always in love with your film shots!