Memory Lane

May 20, 2010

Last week I finally bit the bullet and ordered a negative scanner. I didn’t get anything too fancy– just an Epson V500– but it’s a purchase I’d been putting off for years. It arrived earlier this afternoon and I’ve been trapped inside my binder of negatives from college ever since!

So far I’ve been skipping around but I intend on getting everything scanned in while I patiently wait for my first rolls from the Rolleiflex and Holga to come back.

We’ve also got a stack of negs from Chris’s trip to Africa some 10 years ago, long before we knew each other, that I can’t wait to share.

This photo is a double exposure from AP&D, a staple in every HSU student’s life.

More to come!


Congrats! I got the V500 last year and I scanned a jillion slides with it – its nice to finally get the images out of the yellow box. I usually buy the dust-off spray at Sam’s club, plus some Pec Pads and PEC 12 for dirty (as in not clean) negatives.

Good luck.

I really like to sit down with my negs, a large cup of joe and the scanner on rainy days. A tip: get a sensor cleaning air blower to blow the dust of your negs (both sides!) before scanning – saves you hours of dust retouching in photoshop.

This is good advice that I have always failed to follow! The other bit of good advice I failed to follow was “take care of your negs.” It seems like dust isn’t the only thing that got onto my film! :x

… “double exposers”? That ought to be one of my best typos yet. Of course I mean double EXPOSURES.

Haha! Well, it brought me my first laugh of the day, so :)

Giant pizza, run for your lives!

Double exposers are fun. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll post next!