December 11, 2011

This is my favorite day of the week, despite being prone to completely forgetting what day of the week it actually is. I can’t help it — I always fall into that Sunday stereotype of lazing about in the mornings and just farting around in the afternoons. I have a warm gato on my lap and am snacking on clementines as I type. Life is sweet.


Hey, the owners at Photobooth owe me a tintype of Suki (seriously, they do). Let us know when you head out there!

Whoa, for real? I am about as excited as girl can get about someone she’s never met’s dog (whom she’s also never met, ha!). I will be in SF from beginning to mid May! Will definitely keep you updated. :)

Kyle and I are in love with Ground Kontrol. When we visited here in May, we went three times in just the one week we were here. Haha. We’ve only been once since we moved here, and it was before the kitchen and bar were even open. I think the fact that they have a full bar will attract us even more. I know we keep talking about places we need to go, but we should have a night at GK together! I had no idea they did free play nights!

Free play nights are actually the only time I’ll go to GK, ‘cos all those quarters I’d normally be pumping into the machine? That’s laundry money! Hah. ;)

I also totally recommend following them on Twitter — They always announce upcoming Free Play nights there!

I keep meaning to do a post sharing some favorite links! You may have just inspired me to go through with it! And, wow, I have been telling Cory that I have been wanting to plan a San Francisco (I have “take a picture in front of the Golden Gate Bridge” on my 101 list) and now seeing Photobooth is making me want to go that much more.

Are you guys for real planning a trip in the near future? I’m going to be there early-mid May for an undecided amount of time, bouncing between the Mission and Berkeley after I shoot a wedding in the area. It’d be fun to get together as fellow tourists in a completely different city! It’d be like going on a road trip together, except minus all the whining about having to go to the bathroom. ;)

I went to Ground Kontrol this last weekend! Way more fun than I expected it to be. Got my pinball craving satisfied for sure!

You know, I always had a pretty “eh” feeling towards GK, too, UNTIL I allowed myself to spend an entire night up in the pinball room. Like, what?! That stuff is so fun! We should totally go together… Sometimes they have “Free Play” nights where you just pay to get in! Those are the best.

yeah, ricky and diyosa are all sorts of awesome. :)

can you believe i haven’t visited photobooth yet? i seriously need to.

My first instinct was to call you crazy, but then I thought about all the Portland stuff that took me forever to do (or that I’m still yet to do). Like how long it took me to have a Voodoo Doughnut, or how I STILL haven’t visited the Columbia Gorge, etc. I think when you live somewhere there’s less of that frantic desire, because you know it will always be there when you’re ready to experience it. I get it, I really really do!