Lavender & Rosemary

February 6, 2011

Normally I like to share my rolls of film frame by frame, with each photo carrying its own moment’s tale. But when I scanned these in, I knew there was no way they weren’t going in a post together.

These are Lavender (whom I’ve shot many times before and never tire of), and her new baby sister, Rosemary, the ridiculously adorable children of my good friends Jim and Christina.

Getting to see them is one of the few things that still excites me about visiting Redding, and we all got to have dinner together at their new home when Chris and I were in town for Halloween weekend.

Thanks for letting me be obsessed with your kids, guys. :)

Camera: Rolleiflex 2.8C
Film: Kodak Portra 400VC
Scanned from a negative developed by Blue Moon Camera & Machine

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Extremely beautiful, great moment captured !!!

Love her spunky smile in this. And her sister is equally adorable!

Thanks guys! I agree, Lavender is the cutest but that bokeh is definitely giving her a run for her money. :)

lavender is cute, as always. but my god, (no offense to the kid’s cuteness) but the bokeh on the back, is killing me! amazing!

[] Oh yeah, a total Kindergarten smile!!

Kindergarten smile! :)

I love the rendering of color with this Portra. It’s gorgeous. And the bokeh is pretty nifty as well.

Kim, these are adorableee! The bokeh is mesmerizing! :D

Thank YOU for taking such amazing pictures of my kids. And I’m happy we can provider some sort of enticement for you guys to come back here from time to time. :)

the bokeh on the top one is CRAZY

I love those names!

These are exceptional, Kim. Really. Add these babies to the portfolio, stat.