Helser’s Revisited

February 1, 2010

This weekend we rallied up a last minute group of friends for a Sunday brunch at Helser’s on Alberta. Ever since our first visit with Chris’s family back in December I’d been dreaming of a return trip.

Me being incapable of keeping track of the days of the week, I forgot that it was Sunday and we had to wait for about 40 minutes before they could squeeze the six of us into a table.

But man, when we were finally seated? It was the best spot in the whole joint. I don’t know what was more yummy that morning– my food, or the light coming in from the windows behind me!

Ok, so the cast of characters was: Me and Chris (who dodged the camera all morning, natch), Sada, Steven, Justin and Andrew.

Despite the giant menu board emblazoned with the words “honeycrisp” “caramel” and “crepes” that stared me down the entire morning, I went with the same thing I got last time: the Pepper Bacon & Tillamook Cheddar Hash. It comes with Yukon gold potatoes, creme fraiche, two poached eggs and a side of fruit.

Sada got the Mushroom hash, with bacon substituted for the Havarti cheese it normally comes with.

Steven’s Smoked Salmon Benedict.

Chris’s Smoked Salmon Hash.

Justin’s Brioche French Toast (someone had to dare to stray from the savory train!).

And Andrew’s plate, which I can’t remember what it was… I think he may have also had the Mushroom Hash.

Definitely my favorite brunch spot in Portland. Well, so far, anyway. :)

Helser’s is located on the corner of NE 16th and Alberta.
They’re open 7am-3pm daily.
(503) 281-1477


oh i love this post!! the photos are so beautiful. do you remember which lens you used for the last two photos? everything is so soft and dreamy! pretty. :)

Thanks Stephanie :)

All the photos in this post were taken with the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 lens.

nom nom nom! ooo boy.
i need to really try to get out and adventure more breakfast cafes. when i first moved to town i was so close to Jam, it was our #1. now we are so close to New Deal, and i almost feel like i have to walk to get breakfast or cook my own! this city is so rich with local cafes. perhaps some warm summer morning i will bike up to alberta for breakfast. then lay on the sidewalk, with my belly too full to bike home!

those hash meals look SO good. yum. reason #257 to consider moving out there. :D

Hi Kim!

I noticed you’re linking my blog. Thank you so much for doing it! I’m the lousiest person when it comes to blog commenting, but I’ll try to be better.

What I can say for now is that I like your new blogdesign (compared to the older, but it was good too) and many of your photos makes me hungry. And I really admire the depth and clear colors you have in your photos.

Take care,

Hey Lisa. Thanks for the comment! I’m pretty lousy about blog commenting, too, so we’re even! ;)

i just caught myself making “mmmmm” noises out loud over the food pics :)

all of this food looks so tasty! also the writing on that chalk board is amazing.

I’m dying for every photo!!!! The one with folded hands over the menu is my FAVORITE. Ahhh!

this looks yummy – i haven’t been there yet either, but will need to try soon. plus, it’s very near my neighborhood!

p.s. lovely blog :)