Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

August 27, 2008


Charissa and Emily

Dorian Daneau

This past Sunday I threw an ultra mini-picnic in my back yard as one last “Hurrah!” to summer.

Pasta and Emily's Rosemary Bread
I made a quick and easy pasta dish for everyone to eat. On the side of my bowl are a few slices of rosemary bread, which Emily baked!

Dorian supplied the beverages.

Charissa's Breadsticks
And Charissa baked beautiful breadsticks that looked like dinosaur feet.

Besides a little bit of wind, the weather was glorious and we couldn’t’ve picked a better day to say goodbye to summer with. Now that school is back in session, who knows when we’ll have time to get together again! Thanks for coming, guys :)


very pretty – unlike any breadstick I’ve ever seen : )

Like this scene. Her smile is great. And here curls are awesome!
Like the bavarian table-style. (:

I know! We were all pretty much in awe.

not just yummy! but pretty too!

I’m not 100% sure of his background, but I do know he is of some French descent.

Yes. Absolutely. In an INSTANT.

Do you think he and Jesse would get along?

beautiful capture. Simple, crisp and clean.

WooHoo!! So refreshing on a hot summer day