Fun with Dick and Jane

April 21, 2009

My Mammy

Even though my mom graduated from UCDavis a decade ago with a degree in Fine Art (emphasis in Printmaking, so that’s where I get that from!), she still takes classes every semester at the local community college just to keep up with the circle of local artists.

We visited her in the print lab of Shasta College the other week, where she watercolors every other day, and she showed us some of the new paintings she’s working on.

Her Watercolor Routine

Her paintings are based off the series of Dick and Jane books. I only got to snap one, but it’s amazing! However, it is NSFW and contains nudity, so if you’re at work (Jillian!) abusing your access to the internet (Christina!), you’ve been forewarned!

Anyway, this new series of hers is based on the idea that “in some families … everyone goes about their daily business while chaos and confusion abound. For [her] it was [her] step father who constantly felt it necessary to demean and humiliate.”

Fun with Dick and Jane

She also has a blog, From the Desk of Debbie, where she chronicles her way through art making. Check out the photos from her series of classic black and white TV shows!

You rock, Mama.


woah! I was looking at another blog ( and saw a pic of a tattoo, went to the blog it was from (yours) and saw this picture and recognized it! I’m from redding and it was just in the newspaper I think today. :)

Wow, it’s a small world, isn’t it?! Yes, that was today’s paper (05-09) that she was in! Exciting stuff. I hustled my way to Black Bear Diner this afternoon to pick up a copy and read it over lunch :)

1. your mother sounds amazing.

2. i also graduated from UCDavis!

3. i love her shirt

4. i wish i would have the guts to keep taking classes, please see number 1.

I know everyone always says their mom is the coolest, but mine really is! :D And that’s nuts about UCD– I almost went there to follow her footsteps. What year did you graduate?

No way! In real life people stare at it for about 30 seconds before "figuring it out," then they laugh and look even closer for twice as long! Haha.

lmao wait is it bad that i immediately looked for the ‘all sizes’ button?
who doesn’t love a penis now and then!