Brunch with Kyle & Molly

April 11, 2012

These two are some of my favorite people in all of Portland. Kyle has existed on the edge of my circle of friends forever, but we never met until we both decided to ditch California. I’m pretty sure he can make anyone laugh. And Molly? She’s just one of the most genuinely sweet and awesome ladies you’ll ever meet. We haven’t known each other for long, either, but whenever I’m around her it always feels like old times.

Chris and I got together with them back in January for lunch at — where else? — le Bistro Montage, followed by a little stroll down the Eastbank Esplanade.

I sure do love that winter sun.

Kyle & Molly - Train Tracks - Portland Portrait Photographer

Kyle's Shoes - Industrial Southeast Portland - Film Portrait

Molly on the Train Tracks - Portland Portrait Photographer - 35mm film

Kyle, Me and Molly - Fake Band Photo

Kyle Styling Me and Chris

Chris and Kyle - Green Hills Alone - 35mm Film Portrait

Me and Molly - Industrial Southeast Portland

Kyle, Molly and Chris on the Eastbank Esplanade - Portland Portrait Photographer


lots and lots of really good work in here! this serie is very nice, i especially like the second one – interesting how a “knee-and-down-compo” can look that good… you’ve got a good eye ;)

Love the post, the last shot is perfect!

So jealous of her curls! Looks like an awesome day. :)